Free tomorrow?

An exhibition of photography and oral testimony of the local response to the Corrib gas dispute at Comhlamh, 12 Parliament Street, Dublin at 7pm tomorrow night.

Reddy writes:

Given how the communities all over the country are facing a Rossport-isation of policing with the water protests, this is one to highlight and attend. . Eye opening.

Rossport Residents Reflect On Resistance To The Corrib Project (Comlámh)

Rossport Residents Reflect On Resistance (Rashers Tierney,

14 thoughts on “Hell To See

    1. Bacchus

      maybe they finally accepted all the court decisions, the rule of democratic law and common decency and stopped harassing their neighbours, local employers and the press.
      And I’m not FG or FF, I just don’t like liars and bullies who claim to be the victims when they’re nothing but thugs. I really don’t like the idea that they’re now going to be lecturing others on how to be undemocratic thugs…. but it’s a living I suppose… keeps them off the streets.

      1. Bobby

        Maybe you should visit Glengad, Aughoose or Rossport and ask the locals how they feel and you could read some stuff about it becuase it looks as though you have absolutley no idea what was going on in North Mayo. Or, even better, you could go to the event and meet the locals and tell them your opinion on this issue and I’m sure they will be kind enough to talk to you about it.

        If what you call the rule of democratic law is what I saw on my visits to show support with the community there, then I’m not really interested. If it doesn’t apply to Shell, it’s not fair to employ it with force through the employment of hundreds of riot police who cover their faces and routingly harass the locals and withold thier id numbers, dodgy thuggish private security (IRMS), Gardai choppers, Navy choppers, Navy Airplanes, two Navy gunboats and countless Garda, private security boats, and with very few exceptions, blind obedience from the media. You have a bad grasp on what happened in your own country.

        I’m fairly sure the protests happened right up until the pipe was connected from the sea to the land, which was in the last year or so.

        1. Odis

          Bobby house shill?
          Get lost with your partonising trash. And stop trying to associate your m80s with the legitimate campaign against water charges.
          You are nothing but a whining attention-whore!

        2. Bacchus

          I don’t need to go there…. numerous court cases found the protesters to be unlawful. Numerous accounts of locals being bullied to supporting these “protesters” as well. All the usual “rent a mob” numpties who think they’re freedom fighters when in fact they’re gobshites. Why do you think all those security forces are there? It’s because of those gobshites who think they are above the law! My politics is well to the left before you make assumptions… but I’m not a supporter of people who routinely lie and act as if they were above the law themselves… the protests are/were wholly undemocratic…

  1. peterandrefan44

    yeah those people in mayo are right. we should leave any gas/oil we have in the ground and pay through the nose for all our imported fuel. go `tards!

  2. AlisonT

    Are they going to give the views of the vast majority of local people who are very happy to have the largest construction project in the state saving their friends and family from emigration. Most of the protestors seem to be living off state pensions, welfare or farm grants. The vast majority of local people in the are support the pipeline.

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