Meanwhile, In Québec



illuminati GAA missionary.

James Kelly, of the Ireland Canada University Foundation writes:

Daithí Mac Fhlaithimh, a Monaghan man,[a visiting Irish scholar at Concordia’s School of Canadian Irish Studies] has started a GAA Club in Montreal, and this beautifully shot video shows how Canadians are taking to it…

Video by Elysia-Marie Campbell

Let The Gaelic Games Begin (TheLink)

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30 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Québec

  1. Disasta

    Does the dolly speaking Irish know that doing so eliminates anyone who doesn’t speak it from hearing what she has to say?

    Or is she doing it because she wants everyone to know she’s speaking a dying/dead language?

    Oh and I hate the Irish language thanks to primary and secondary school. No other reason.

    1. Disasta

      PS I know there are subtitles, I still think she’s just showin off…if knowing Irish is something to show off about.

      1. sickofallthisbs

        AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA you absolute idiot – she is speaking French – the Québec in the title is the give away.

        By the way f your attitude to the Irish language.

          1. Disasta

            Plus what you can add to that is I did both languages in school and I can’t tell the difference

          2. Disasta

            Does it?
            What does it say?
            That I don’t know the difference between 2 languages I did 20 and 24 years ago?
            Oh right.

          3. Disasta

            I’d say just because I lack any knowledge in one subject does not qualify me as an idiot.

            You sir, may qualify.

          4. Mani

            Listen. Be a man and take your licks. An inability to distinguish between French and Irish is hilarious and in this instance marks you as a moron. The fact you can’t hold your hands up and recognise that is just pathetic.

          5. sickofallthisbs

            By my count it is two subjects, Disasta, so your Math skills are poor too (that means as well, not the number 2).

    1. cacotechny

      O’Leary responds to the people: g’way ye maggots and lesooo’s and gaylording people. To hell with ye and your progressive politics n’ progressive house music n’ Youtubein vedios n’ blogginy things. I’ll burn ye basterds. Je Suis Straight!

  2. cacotechny

    Gaelic football is one of the easiest sports to play because there’s nothing much to it. The Canadians are too nice, they’ll listen to his skill talk.

    1. Shayna

      Are you kidding? Catching a ball with one hand whilst fending off a horde of opponents is easy? Gaelic Football isn’t something that’s taught or can be taught. You either play because you want to, and enjoy the sport – or you play another sport ? The GAA are taking our game abroad – and promoting it as a positive – what’s the problem?

    2. Mani

      Clearly not as easy as Handicap Commenting which, as this thread shows, could have some serious Irish prospects for the next moron Olympics.

  3. Mr. T.

    Oh sure aren’t we only great altogether.

    Oh would you look at that, a GAA team in Canada no less.

    *every generation thinks they’re the first*

  4. Daithí Mac Fhlaithimh

    Thanks guys for all the comments. This club is a bit different because it’s the first GAA Club in a Canadian University. And yes, the students are learning Irish and do speak French and English as well. Pretty inspirational given they only started learning the language along with playing Gaelic Games in the last five months. @Disasta Don’t give up on the Language. There are great adult classes available back home where you learn in a fun and productive way. I know it’s hard. It’s one of the hardest languages to master but even the weaker students over here are loving it. Hope for all. Éire go Brách!

    1. CiarzyB

      Maith thú a Dhaithí. Molaim go mór gach a bhfuil ar siúl agat. Ambasadóir den chéad scoth! Gach rath ar an dea-obair!

  5. Seaghan Mac an tSionnaigh

    Québec & Ireland all in one video is just a bit too much for the shoneen trolls lurking in the most mildewed corners of the internet.

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