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Last night.

UEFA Euro 2020 semi-final.

Italy (plus Kerry) Vs Spain. Italy won on penalties.

Thanks Bebe

Réabhlóid GAA.

A new one-hour documentary from Loosehorse for TG4 that tells the story of how hurling ‘redefined itself as a sport in the 1990s to truly become our national game’.

Linda Ni Ghriofa writes:

For over a century, the hurling spoils were shared among the traditional three superpowers of Cork, Kilkenny and Tipperary. As the decade began there was no sign of the aristocracy being unseated. Then, in five minutes in 1994, the hurlers of Offaly sparked a revolution.

Along came a collection of upstarts to destroy the old order, and go down in history as Ireland’s most charismatic, colourful and enduring personalities….

…Diarmuid Lyng, for whom the ‘90s provided the inspiration for his own stellar inter-county career with Wexford, is an authentic and affectionate Narrator.

Réabhlóid GAA is the story of how, in one decade a sport, and a country, changed forever.

Réabhlóid GAA on TG4 December 6 at 9.30pm.


GAAGO is a subscription based sports channel from RTÉ and the Gaelic Athletic Association

Enjoy gaelic games?

Read on.

A ‘Pissed-off GAA fan’ writes:

Over the past few weeks there have been some class GAA matches on. If you live outside of Ireland it means you need to access GAAGO to watch them legally. You can pay €79 for all games – hurling and football, which is fine if you’re into both sports and you have the cash.

If, on the other hand, you just wish to watch choice hurling or football matches it costs €10 a game. Last Saturday there were three hurling games back to back. That would have been a whopping €30 to see all three games – what is this, the UFC?

This weekend, Tipperary vs Galway and Clare vs Waterford will cost €14 each! A €4 increase per match for whatever reason.

Can both the GAA and GAAGO realise that not every Irish person abroad is raking it in tax-free in Dubai, particularly students or now unemployed gastronomy workers like myself.

Under normal circumstances people could probably chip in and watch the games together, but eh, maximum household rules and all that. Irish sports bars are also shut.

I get that there are no ticket sales this year, but it’s largely an amateur sport and we’re paying extortionate prices to watch the games online abroad.

My county, Tipperary, will play an historic Munster final on Sunday, but there’s no way I’m forking out more for that. I’ll do what I did for the Leinster hurling final…listen to it on the wireless. Get with the times GAAGO.





Jessica O’Callaghan and her partner Stephen Flanagan pictured outside No. 90 Carton Wood

This morning,

Maynooth, County Kildare.

Jessica O’Callaghan and Stephen Flanagan – the winners of a house raffled in a fundraiser by the Wexford-based Faythe Harriers GAA Club  – pick up the keys to their ‘€405,00 luxury home’.

The 3-bedroom, semi-detached is in Carton Wood, a development on the Dublin Road mid-way between Maynooth and Carton House Estate. Before their win, the pair had been saving for a house while both living with their parents.


Faythe Harriers GAA Club

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Daniel Lambert writes:

The gulf in funding between football and GAA is astonishing given more people play football.

The parochial organisational structure of the GAA makes it a far more potent force in leveraging politicians at all levels as opposed to the fragmented football structures.

Hon Mayo!


This afternoon.

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) has published the latest insights into the lives of over a third of its members, who are third-level students.

To wit:

35% had to repeat a college exam; 11% had to repeat an entire academic year
65% feel their training load negatively affects their academic performance
54% don’t receive supports from their college if they are under pressure
48% felt more like an inter-county player than a student trying to earn a degree.

35% had to repeat a college exam; 11% had to repeat an entire academic year
65% feel their training load negatively affects their academic performance
54% don’t receive supports from their college if they are under pressure
48% felt more like an inter-county player than a student trying to earn a degree.

83% are playing with at least three teams
81% take part in social activities less than most other people their age
70% travel home for training 3 or more times per week
48% felt confident to talk to their county manager about a reduced training load.

78% report feeling stressed at least once a month (up 24%)
73% would like to spend more time with family and friends (up 12%)
69% travel from college to training at least three times a week (up 17%)
69% would like more time to devote to their studies (up 13%)


Via GPA:

63% of the GPA’s student-members are 21 – 24 years of age and 93% are full-time students, and all of them face the specific challenge of managing the demands of being an inter-county player alongside their academic commitments and personal lives.

The GPA Student Report 2019 highlights the challenges experienced by GPA student-members, some of which were also highlighted in the most recent ESRI study published in 2018 on the demands on all senior, inter-county players. This report also provides actionable GPA recommendations to help student-members achieve better-balanced lifestyles so they can thrive on and off the field….

Gaelic Players Association

Financial trader Tim O’Leary is holding back donations to Mayo GAA over ‘governance issues’


The independent supporters fund is backed by UK-based financial trader Tim O’Leary, who is of Mayo descent.

The body sent an email to clubs ahead of last night’s county board meeting saying that it was withholding €250,000 of money it had raised in a row over governance.

This email read: “It is clear to the foundation that Mayo GAA need significant financial support to sustain and develop GAA games in the county. The foundation’s support is now at risk due to the serious deficits in financial governance at board level.”

The statement also claims that O’Leary had made a €150,000 donation to the Mayo senior football team fund on the understanding that receipts would be provided to show how that money was spent.

The supporters fund says what was provided to them included: “copies of multiple invoices and receipts seemingly randomly picked from the financial files.”


Absolutely nothing to see here.


Wealthy backer withholds €250,000 from Mayo GAA (RTÉ)

Can’t get a ticket?


Nicole Osborne writes:

ODEON will screen the All Ireland GAA Football Final this Sunday, September 1 in three of their Dublin based cinemas (Stillorgan, Coolock and Charlestown).

The pre-match coverage will start at 3pm with the throw in between Dublin and Kerry starting at 3.30pm.

Entry is FREE and seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

If you’re not heading to Croke Park then ODEON in Stillorgan, Coolock and Charlestown is the best place to see if the Dubs make it 5-in-a-row.



Cork/Galway All-Ireland fan shenanigans.

Croke Park, September 7, 1986.

Can you spot Frilly?

Via KillianM2.

A wonderful, constantly-updated bumper Irish telly archive (not only sport) on YouTube.