30 thoughts on “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

  1. ThatsMeTrying

    2 positives about circumcision without pointing out the loss of sensation. WHAT AGENDA DO YOU SERVE, INFOGRAPHIC!

  2. Jimmee

    When talking about the length of a penis, you MUST state hard or flaccid, otherwise it’s meaningless.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Jews aren’t the only ones who do circumcision, Muslims are circumcised too ya know!

    ….will someone please think of ALL the circumcised men !

    And the poor fish, the poor little Phalostethus who has to stare at his own cuulong all day every day… brushing it aside like a wayward quiff every time he chats up the lady fishes. Poor fishy.,

      1. newsjustin

        Really? Really? I’m not having a go, but I’ve never heard that. I’d have thought the exact opposite.

  4. rotide

    It’s not even a religious thing. I know a couple of lads born in london to pretty non religious parents who are circumcized. It was thought to be more hygenic, which it is.

  5. Soundings

    Average male orgasm lasts six seconds, and average women’s 23 seconds?

    I demand a referendum to amend the Constitution to make them equal.

  6. Zarathustra

    I read somewhere years ago, that initially, there was a practical purpose behind circumcision; it was to stop sand getting under the skin because it was so painful, and subsequently it became associated with some religions.

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