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“No Irish Water Tax!” has been scrawled in white on top of a new tower on 37th Avenue in Flushing, Queens [New York] — apparently a message against the new tax for water consumption in Ireland.
The tax is assessed for everything from drinking water to using the toilet, but its connection to the Flushing building, or when the message was painted, is unclear.
Calls to the building’s owner were not immediately returned. The building was issued a partial stop work order on Jan. 12 for expired permits, according to the Department of Buildings.
A construction worker outside the building said he wasn’t aware of the graffiti.
“What is a water tax?” the worker, who declined to give his name, asked.

Mysterious ‘No Irish Water Tax’ Graffiti Pops Up on Flushing Building (DNA)

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    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      We’re all part of Jackie’s army
      We’re all off to It al eeeeeeeee
      And we’ll really shake em up
      when we win the world cup
      coz Ireland are the greatest football teaaaaaaaaam


      You know we belong together
      You and I forever and ever

      etc etc til everyone vomits.

        1. Domestos

          As long as people get the “Me? D’oh.” / “Meadows” pun, I’m happy. As bad as it is, I’m happy.

      1. italia'90

        Borax to that!
        There’s a jax joke in there somewhere? The tide has vanished so I’ll finish now.

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