I May Be Some Time




Tk Ickle writes:

Leaving Parkwest [Business Park, Co Dublin]. 500m in 20 mins. :(



Dublin city tonight.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


O’Connell Street, Dublin tonight.

Annebxis writes;

You wait and you wait..



A Truck jackknifed and blocking the Bailieboro to Virginia Road in Cavan tonight.

Thanks Jane

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26 thoughts on “I May Be Some Time

  1. Mr. T.

    Some fool in Monaghan thought an 8 inch drift of snow against his sliding doors meant 8 inches of snow had fallen. And a load more intern fools in the media used that as a headline in online articles.

    A conga line of fools disseminate incorrect information and everyone takes it for fact.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Over-exagerated levels of snow and fabricated measurements are all these people have – aka, the ‘High VIs Jacket Brigade’.
      Plus TV talent shows.

    1. TK ickle

      I’m in Bleedin’ recovery! Once the pain lessens on the left hand side of the ribs, shoulder and arm, I’ll be back on my trusty winter steed.

      I hope I don’t have the fear :(

          1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

            Watched it! It’s the “Lucky/Unlucky” thing, isn’t it? Lucky you weren’t killed, unlucky you were crashed into by a f*ckrat.

  2. Dan

    Oh how I miss the Dublin traffic shutdown and everyone complaining how long it takes to get home when a bit of snow falls

    1. One Dub

      Your imaginary Dublin traffic shutdown misses you too.
      It feels like…like…
      Like you were never ever part of it.

      Come back Dan.
      The Dublin traffic shutdown needs you.

  3. Selfie Sensation

    Jaysus lads it’s barely 2 inches and it’s not even sticking most places, get a grip. There are places where 10 or 12 inches overnight wouldn’t be unusual.

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