The route between Topaz, Cemetery Cross and Shannon Dry Cleaners, Prospect Hill.

How long?

A writes:

A friend of mine unfortunately lost a large sum of money in Galway City today on Bohermore Road. If anyone found a load of €50 notes blowing around in the wind and sleet [Yes, lovely loose notes] we’re hoping they will be very nice and email us here [broadsheet@broadsheet.ie] or hand it into the Gardaí where my friend has left her details. The money was taken out at the [Topaz] petrol station at Cemetery Cross and she noticed it was gone by the time she got to Shannon Dry Cleaners [Prospect Hill].


13 thoughts on “A Long Shot

  1. Soundings

    Sounds like your friend may have forgotten the notes in the ATM, maybe they were “sucked” back in. Check with your bank if that’s the case.

  2. Mt

    Someone on Sean Moncre..eeff? text in yesterday about fining a large sum of money, can’t remember where but worth a look

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