We Don’t Normally Do This


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Ruari Burns writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but this evening (Wednesday) my friend had her bicycle stolen from outside of her work place down at The Point Village opposite the 3 Arena. To make matters she had gone to the doctor because she wasn’t feeling well and found the bike missing when she returned to work. Needless to say she is feeling extra under-the-weather tonight. Its been reported to the Garda & there is CCTV footage but not sure how much use it will be. It would be great if your readers would keep a look out for it while out & about in the city or even on the usual buy-and-sell sites.

7 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Do This

  1. Disasta

    What % of bikes featured in “We Don’t Normally Do This” are returned as a result of “We Don’t Normally Do This”?

    If its lower than 10-20% dropping the click-bait post would be an idea. It generally descends into people arguing over stupidity of leaving bikes in certain locations, the stupidity of leaving an expensive bike anywhere and what lock is best to give you an extra minute and a half minute before the lad with the bolt cutters or grinder gets it anyway.

    1. Soundings

      It should be mandatory for the recently de-biked to describe how the bike was secured and to what and where precisely, to at least help the currently biked better look after their bikes.

      1. Sheila

        Yes. These are learning experiences at this stage.

        The bike will not be seen in Dublin again.

        The bikes being nicked are moved out of the country, as far as I’m aware. But I’m open to correction on this.

          1. Disasta

            In Ireland Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford are considered cities despite the fact that they are clearly just Dublin commuter towns.

          2. everybody

            Why would people commute out of Dublin to Limerick Waterford cork or galway? I know Dublin is a toilet but its not that bad.

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