His Plight Touched Your Hearts



Hopalong Cassidy

The Skibereen, Co Cork-reared fresian bull calf.

Born deficient to the tune of one in the leg ‘department’.

Aisling Hussey at the Irish Farmers Journal writes:

Remember Cassidy, the three-legged calf? We found out how he’s getting on…Video by Donal O’Leary.


Irish Farmers Journal

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15 thoughts on “His Plight Touched Your Hearts

      1. Twunt

        If the meat is of good enough quality it can stand on its own ( no pun intended ).

        Pepper sauce is used to mask the taste of bad, cheap or unpalatable meat.

  1. Duh

    the thing is that he doesn’t even know he’s meant to have 4 legs. He probably just thinks that he wasn’t designed for walking.

  2. Mr. T.


    But nobody cares about all our homeless and children who call Childline and are put on hold because of lack of funding.

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