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Hopalong Cassidy

The Skibereen, Co Cork-reared fresian bull calf.

Born deficient to the tune of one in the leg ‘department’.

Aisling Hussey at the Irish Farmers Journal writes:

Remember Cassidy, the three-legged calf? We found out how he’s getting on…Video by Donal O’Leary.


Irish Farmers Journal

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threelegsAoife Cregan with fresian bull calf Hopalong Cassidy in Church Cross, Skibereen, Co Cork

Four legs good.

Three legs grand.

Aoife Cregan

“I saw one leg coming out and I straightened it, but I couldn’t see the other one,” Farmer David Cregan told the Farmers Journal. “He was born on Tuesday and it was Thursday before he was able to stand.

Can we adopt him?

Is this common?

Three legged calf born on Cork farm (irishFarmersJournal)

Thanks Aisling Hussey and Candice