How Green Is Our Valley?



Greener than thou.

Our Man In Japan writes;

Was doing my occasional Google Earth nostalgia trip back home and took these screengrabs. Thought this might be of some interest, curiosity value…I’ve heard some people say Tokyo is quite a green city. It’s not.



Tokyo in Ireland.


Thanks Jojo (see comments).

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15 thoughts on “How Green Is Our Valley?

  1. Smeghead

    “I’ve heard some people say Tokyo is quite a green city”

    I’m guessing it’s to do with being more environmentally friendly, ie: recycling, water/energy efficiency etc.

    Plus the fact it’s got 10 times the amount of people, you’d need to go out a bit further to hit greenery.

    1. Tarara

      They don’t recycle in Tokyo, though they incinerate all their waste and use the energy to heat public buildings and swimming pools and things, which I think is good too.

      I do think the above shots are a little bit of an unfair comparison, if you zoomed on the urban part of Dublin, to make it a fair comparison, you’d find that Dublin would have only marginally more greenery than Tokyo.

  2. Yer Man in Japan

    The main point I though was interesting here is that Dublin, and the countryside around it is still an incredibly green and lush part of the world. Both shots are of the exact same physical area. To get ‘away’ from Tokyo city you are realistically looking at about 2 hrs on a pretty fast moving train (not bullet). In Dublin, for example, you could get lost in the vastness of the Phoenix Park, 10-15 minutes from the city centre.

    1. B Bop

      I get ya, surrounded by stunning al fresco spaces both green & blue around Dublin…”Between the Mountains & The Sea” indeed-superb living!
      Tokyo is alright for a while.
      A bit mad, a bit meh, & it’s small parks with small tea houses with small cups.

  3. ironcorona

    Are the colours from the satellites used in Google maps properly comparable to each other? Same satellite? Same camera? Composed from images taken at the same time of day or in the same season?

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