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porkFrancis Brennan and Catherine Fulvio


With a copy of Francis Brennan’s Guide to Life ‘Its the Little Things‘ (€14.99) and a copy of Catherine Fulvio’s “Bake Like an Italian” (€22.99) courtesy of Bord Bia to giveaway.

We asked: how do you make perfect pork crackling?

There could only be one winner:

Mark: “The secret to perfect pork crackling is… don’t get it pre-scored for starters. Cut into the skin and halfway through the fat (NO DEEPER) at 1cm width across the whole joint. Pour boiling water over the skin to open the grooves, dry, dry and dry some more (hairdryer, towels, whatever) and rub good salt (none of the crappy lo-salt) generously into the scores and brush off excess. Get the oven as hot as possible and blister the skin in the oven for 10-20 mins before turning down the oven to cook at the right temperature for the remaining time – blast at super heat again for 10 mins at the end if needed. Take the inevitably perfect crackling off the joint before resting otherwise it’ll just go soggy again.”


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    1. Soundings

      I suspect that he has a camp way about him, friendly, flamboyant, extroverted. But not all good dressers with personality are gay, and neither is Francis. One of the best personalities on RTE, a real find.

  1. Soundings

    That slab of pork heading towards Francis’s mouth – did that come from a four-legged pig I wonder.

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