Up For The March


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Anti-Irish Water protesters arriving at Heuston Station and in the city centre this afternoon for the first mass austerity demonstration of 2015.

From top: Maria Lynch and Catherine Lawlor; Rita Lawlor.

More to follow.

Thousands Protest Nationwide Over Water Charges (RTE News)

(Sam Boal and Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



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29 thoughts on “Up For The March

    1. jackdaw

      How many are protesting against the USC?Not very many. Oh by the way I estimate the numbers protesting to be around 800,000 in Dublin today. Easily a fifth of the entire population have taken to the streets.

      1. Draxx Ltd II

        If you had a brain you would know that protesting the water charges is more than that. It is protesting austerity and cronyism among other things.
        Of course you knew that you were just trying to smart.

    2. Younger

      Fupp off. Recovery? Even the IMF conceded that our miraculous growth figures have been deliberately distorted by a government keen to spin itself as economic gurus.

  1. sickofallthisbs

    Where is that Mister Mister idiot to deny the numbers in attendance? I miss his predictability and silly arguments.

  2. Kill The Poor

    I know love the water marchers !
    Town was empty, easy to park, Grafton Street wasn’t too packed for a nice stroll.

  3. Bacchus

    I’m all for ordinary decent people getting out and protesting but the Freeman, Loudmouths and other associated morons seem to be the loudest again.

  4. Lorcan Nagle

    Really impressive turnout, there was one point where we seemed to have completely covered the north (those of us marching from the Cabra/Stoneybatter and Heuston Station) and south (marching from Connolly Station) Quays between O’Connell and Capel Bridges.

    But, the overall organisation was bad – when our group reached O’Connell bridge, we were told the Gardai weren’t letting anyone march to the Dáil, and instead we were going to go to the GPO. Once there people just milled around, some groups kept marching around the side roads off O’COnnell street, some stayed standing on the bridge. There were no speakers or anything. I headed off as I has stuff to do in town and ran into a small group marching down Nassau Street later, and joined them in their way back to the GPO. According to two guys I ended up talking to in that group, the ones who were on the south Quays did end up marching around the Dáil.

      1. Soundings

        True, there was no great momentum behind the one today. IW is admitting that just over 50% of households have registered but isn’t disclosing how many householders have surnames “Mouse”, “Duck” and “No Consent”. The battle has been lost, and with a general election looming on the horizon, water charges aint gonna happen by 2016. Not even Leo’s darling revelations will save him in Dublin West if water charges haven’t been abandoned.

  5. jackdaw

    Last estimate is 1.3 million marchers. That is including the 200,000 freemen who refused to be counted.

  6. More_Bermuda_Than_Berlin

    You know what I love about these demonstrations of public unity?

    …the smart-alecs who post comments online afterwards showing how clever they are and how silly the people who got off their arses are.

    It really gets me every time – thanks folks.

  7. Eeejit


    Not everyone who doesn’t march is too lazy to “get off their arses”. Most want nothing to do with the protest. In fact given the low turn out for a grand Saturday, it’s obvious most people in this country feel the same way. The protest in now aimless, propped up by Sinn Fein and those who want to pay for NOTHING, EVER.

    Don’t get a nose bleed from your high horse.

    1. offMooof

      The turnout wasn’t low but it was a bit disorganised, because right2water, SF, the unions any political parties were asked to stay away. This one was just the communities, we don’t need SF the AAA People before profit or the socialists.
      There are education evenings in every community, Conor McCabe is coming to teach some classes, chase yer demons in the meantime we’re organsing our own Podemos.

  8. Dubloony

    The original protests did work. The new changes have made sure its affordable, (60 for single, 160 for couple). Ministers can’t dispose of their shares, so its not going to be privatized.

    It complies with UN definition of water as human right. I looked up what the Detroit protesters were looking for. If they had now what we have, they would have had all of their demands met.

    Irish Water is still appallingly bad at communication.

    But this isn’t about water anymore, its just a rallying point for general discontent, being used by various groups to their own, unspecified, ends.

  9. Hashtag Diversity

    Rarely has a movement in Ireland thrown away so much public goodwill and support so fast. Only themselves to blame.

    Every single one of these people will pay. It’s the law.

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