Oscars, Bravo


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Oscars Bar Café in Smithfield, Dublin and a CCTV screengrab the bar posted on its Facebook page on January 31 – of three guys who didn’t pay their bill

On Saturday morning, Oscars wrote on its Facebook page:

“To the three gin and tonic drinking well spoken “respectable” punters who were in last night. You have 72 hours to compensate us €300 for the damage you did to our restrooms and running out without paying your bill last night. Dumbasses, we have cctv cameras everywhere and will have no hesitation in publishing our unpixelated footage during the week if we do not receive payment #72hoursassholes”

Yesterday, they posted this pic…


…and wrote:

“Compensation and letter of apology dropped in this afternoon. Doesn’t excuse the actions of these individuals but a small victory nonetheless. Many thanks to the Gardai for their assistance on the night.”

There you go, now.

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26 thoughts on “Oscars, Bravo

  1. Clampers Outside!

    That’s the Mulherrin tactic, pay before the prosecution to avoid the punishment…. so it’d seem.

    Fair play to Oscar’s on showing them up, pixelated or not, the chancers must’ve got some fright to cough up so quickly!
    Hope their friends let them know they’re knobs too, hah!

  2. donkey kong

    something doesn’t add up – why would people acting the maggot in such a way be shamed into paying up so quick.

    I’m suspicious of this, wonder if it’s a stunt.

    1. Jess

      Lots of people do stupid stuff when they’re drunk. And never ever underestimate the awesome power of ‘the fear’

  3. Soundings

    “damage to our restrooms”? Sound like a shower of animals.

    Oscars – fantastic bar, great atmosphere, gets a nice crowd (generally!)shame this happened to them. Respect for the way they handled it.

  4. andy

    Would love to know how many times these saps have got away with that kinda carry on before (jumpin the bill that is, not smashin up the jacks)

  5. Buzz

    It was decent of Oscars to pixilate the photos, they should have just let the world see them for the scumbags they are.

    1. Soundings

      Could we have a whip around, if we raise more than €300, maybe Oscars could return the compensation from the shower of animals, and we could all see their faces (or, given what happened in the restrooms, their faeces).

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