So Late They Named It Twice


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New York City this evening.

Kevin Whitty writes:

Tubs [Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy] with expat entrepreneur James Morrissey in The Late Late Bar [quirky Irish pub and grocers on the Lower East Side of Manhattan actually named after the RTÉ chatathon]..

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14 thoughts on “So Late They Named It Twice

  1. Mike Baldwin

    Da Fuq am I supposed to be lookin at? Irish man gets on plane? Good. Should be a fupping Confirmation vow…”I promise to leave Ireland when I’m 21, develop a non-begrudging personality and return aged 40 to better my rock”

  2. Mike Baldwin

    It’s what I’m doing. Jesus, broaden your minds, the gd world doesn’t revolve around Fine Gael, Irish Water, Brendan I Carroll and the fupping Book of Kells. Leave this place, for min 5 years. It’ll be the making of you. Promise.

  3. Mike Baldwin

    Disappointed lads. The use of a contextualised expletive? I mean, it’s your site and all but I’d wager most readers really wouldn’t be offended. Are you going for some kind of CBBC John Craven’s Newsround feel? Wow lads. WWN FTW…..

  4. Soundings

    Is there a licensing right involved here? RTE owns “The Late Late Show” so any business or product that wants to trade on its name is surely obliged to get a licence. I wonder how much RTE charged.

    How much did Tubs get paid for opening the New York business?

    1. ahjayzis

      No, no – he’s an entrepreneur. A job creator. The pub’s his ‘start-up’. And it’s bringing the #disruption with it’s #quirkiness.

  5. roughpatch

    “At The Late Late Guinness is served over ice with a sprig of mint in a crystal goblet..”

    Must be their version of single plum floating in perfume, served from a man’s hat

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