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Portobello Harbour, Dublin this afternoon.

Shiela writes:

Swans have made a channel along the edge, so are not stuck. Free rugby ball for anyone either with patience to wait or have a really long stick.



Breaking through the ice to meet halfway between Portobello and Harold's Cross. Some neck. Literally. #Dublin

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Swans making a channel through the ice…

Thanks Murph



This afternoon

Further down the Grand Canal On the Dodder at the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua.

Thanks Darragh Noob

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14 thoughts on “Extreme Tag

  1. Sheila

    After watching the swans a bit more afterwards I realised it was the alpha males chasing other swans away that appears to be the cause of these channels being broken through the ice. Looks painful, but no blood drawn, it seems.

  2. Ms Piggy

    I watched swans ice breaking on the Royal Canal yesterday morning. It didn’t seem too hard, I think they may actually have been enjoying it. Don’t underestimate their strength!

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