For Your Consideration: Greece, The End Of Austerity?



Greece~ The End of Austerity?

A 15-minute documentary by Theopi Skarlatos on the background to Syrzia’s victory in Greece and how they won power.

Look at them with their heart-swelling pride returning.

Damn austerity-eschewing Marxists.

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22 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Greece, The End Of Austerity?

  1. Rep

    Thank you Greece. You’ve stood up for Ireland in a more concrete way than either Labour or the Blueshirts.

    1. serf

      Notsofast. Nice rhetoric, but EU/ECB hold all the cards. Very real chance of a Cyprus situation with banks at end of February, so they need their deal before then.

  2. kurtz

    Marxists funded by the Russian fascist Putin.

    Syrzia refuse to support Ukrainian sovereignty against Russian aggression, because the Russians are funding them in their continued campaign to undermine the EU. And Syrzia form a coalition with Greek racists and fascists.

    Don’t be fooled, they are utter hypocrites.

    1. Atlas

      Pretty much every eurosceptic party in the EU is funded in some part by Putinist money, irrespective of their position on the left-right spectrum. UKIP, Front Nationale, Syriza, Podemos… to name but a few.

      It’s no coincidence that the ‘international observers’ at the Crimean ‘referendum’ were all from far-right, eurosceptic parties.

  3. Advertising On Police Cars

    “Ukrainian sovereignty against Russian aggression” caused by Bush & Obama’s manic expansion of NATO on Russian borders. The Crimea has always been Russian until the 1950s. It is the strategic naval base for Russian navy, always has been ; do you think the Yanks would allow the Mexicans or Cubans to take over Key West? Yes Greece arebeing used as Putin pawns…its called geo politics.

    1. kurtz

      That would be a true statement if Ukraine were actually member of NATO.

      Crimea is Ukrainian. It was seeded with ethnic Russians by Stalin, while native ethnic Ukrainians and Tatars were expelled or overwhelmed by Russian immigration. But I guess for you Tibet is Chinese as well by the amount of Chinese troops wandering its streets.

    2. Atlas

      “Ukrainian sovereignty against Russian aggression” caused by Bush & Obama’s manic expansion of NATO on Russian borders.”

      Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland all have borders with Russia, yet Putin wasn’t baying for blood and annexing regions of those countries when they joined NATO. It’s irrelevant and blatant whataboutism either way, Ukraine never made moves toward joining NATO – at least not until Russia started annexing parts of it.

      Bottom line is Ukraine can do what it likes. It’s an independent, sovereign state. It doesn’t have to clear all its decisions with Russia no more than we have to with the Brits. Putin has no right to attack it and undermine it just because it’s not doing as he commands.

  4. Optimus Grime

    Many of these parties get elected on the “We’ll solve the problems” mantra. They get elected. Then they find out how bad the problems really are. Then they are faced with the balancing act of trying please the people who elected them and making actual progress on the problems which means inflicting hardship on those who elected them.

    One widely known problem in Greece was that the government was unable to identify just how many public servants there were. When you take into account the level of corruption from taxi drivers to tax officials you are faced with a endemic problem that will require some serious self examination which the Greek people have now shown they are not comfortable with since the election of Syrzia was based on the manifesto that “It was their fault not ours”.

  5. Mr. T.

    All the little banker’s boys and girls in their little suits, running around crapping themselves because at last more and more people are seeing banking for what it is, a sham system of tricking people into debt and paying back money that was created out of nothing.

    1. scottser

      money isn’t created out of nothing, it’s created out of a promise to pay.
      which may or may not amount to nothing.

      it’s only words.
      and words are all i have
      to take your heart away
      boyzone never lie dude – never.

  6. Mr. T.

    That could be about Ireland. Fear being stoked up by the likes the Irish Independent group and RTE, all based on nothing but a desire to keep wealth and power in a few hands and make tax slaves of the rest.

    Fine Gael have actively worked to destroy small business in Ireland and replace it with a franchise economy where huge international businesses displace local business knowledge, devalue it and sell it at bargain basement prices.

    This benefits corporate investors and hedge fund managers. It is the new Feudal System. And people are sleepwalking right through it.

  7. Niallo

    Hmm, you know the way if, say, you lose your income and go to social welfare for aasistance, and its not nice and you dont like it, so you tell the social to go fupp themselves…
    Remind me, what happens next ?

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