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Friday February 6: Only In Dreams : The Blue Album vs Pinkerton @ The Workman’s Club. Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 (€10)

Nialler9 writes:

Only In Dreams features Irish bands windings, Dott, So Cow, Me And My Dog and Swimmers playing songs from the first two Weezer albums, which in the words of the organisers, “are so superb they totally eclipse all the shite they released after them.”

Nialler9’s Gig Guide February 3-9 (Nialler9)

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11 thoughts on “Nialler9’s Gig Of The Week

  1. Mike

    I quite liked green myself. Not dismissing the greatness of the earlier ones I just prefer Green :)

    A lot of the stuff after that though …….

  2. Odockatee

    Niiice, bit unfair about stuff after, Green album is great too and some of their best stuff on Maladroit although not a grest album

  3. billyboy

    I think anyone who only likes Weezer’s 1st two albums is cool. And when they call anything that came after that ‘shite’ I think they’re REALLY cool.

    1. pedeyw

      Yeah, there’s a bit of that about being a weezer fan. I personally like a few songs off most of their albums, though Pinkerton and Blue are still their best. Maladroit and Green are solid if not great and a good 50% of the Raditude and Red album works for me. Hurley and Make believe were pretty dodgy, though.

    1. Bingo

      By the way, any Weezer fans on here should check out Rivers’ appearance on the WTF (Marc Maron) podcast.

  4. Toe Up

    The gig of the week is a covers night?

    Blackalicious are playing their first Irish set in ages on Sunday night. That’s my gig of the week.

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