Saudi Feminists


A conference on women’s rights held at the University of Qassim in Saudi Arabia last year.

Not one female delegate, what with the strict Sharia Law in force.

The picture above, which appeared originally in the Arab speaking newspaper Okaz, has been doing the rounds of the French-speaking press this week.


(H/T: Matt Finucane)

27 thoughts on “Saudi Feminists

    1. rotide

      For all the stuff that doesn’t involve the gays/iona/abortion/water, pretty much yes. Just a few hours/days later.

  1. Hank

    That’s the most transvestites I’ve ever seen in one place.
    Mildly embarrassing that the majority chose to wear the same outfit..

  2. Friscondo

    Also doing the rounds recently is the wretched video of that Burmese women having her head hacked off on a public road by Saudi executioner. This barbaric, and by no means isolated act, did not stop Obama, Cameron, Hollande, et al, rushing to pay their respects at the death of the feudal monarch. Saudi Arabia is the ideological and financial underpinning of ISIS and their primitive Wahhabism. What a fupped up world we live in. Craven hypocrisy.

    1. Soundings

      Didn’t catch that video, was it any worse that the botched executions in the US where the drug cocktails didn’t work?

      1. Empty Vessels

        What is the purpose of this kind of response? Are you inferring that because one state carries out executions, another state is free to carry out even more gruesome ones?

        You will no doubt reply with “did I say that, no” or something similar. Is that your aim?

        Is there some kind of reflex response that requires you to post such drivel? Do your critical faculties stop at making a simplistic comparison, job done, move on? Can you offer any other more qualified response?

  3. Ciarán

    Speaker: [Suspiciously] Are there any women here…?
    Delegates: [High pitched] NO, NO, NO! […Deeper] No, No, No!

  4. Frilly Keane

    They all look like Conchita

    Risssssseeeee Like a Pheonixxxxxxxxxx

    Maybe they’re giving ’em a send off
    Tis that time already

    Risszzzeeee like a Phoenixxxxxxxx

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