37 thoughts on “Issa Bigga Cliché

  1. Bingo Slimz

    Embracing the stereotype? Slow news day for the PC brigade.

    This is also an example of a company having a sense of humour. You may need to look up ‘sense of humour’ on Google.

  2. Soundings

    Vaguely controversial.

    But in-your-face controversial, it costs around €1 to make a pizza, and less if the toppings are just tomato and mozzarella (note the two “z”s and two “l”s – there are cheaper versions of mozzarella out there with different spellings, it’s cod versus catfish again).

    Flour, salt, water, a tomato to make a passata, a tomato sliced up, and 20c worth of cheese. Another couple of toppings costing 20c.

    Seriously, the Dominoes, Apache, Papa Johns business model is magic (for them). Make your own, control the salt and sugar and fat. And feckA them all.

    1. Ronan

      Because of course the staff work for free, the oven they bake it in runs for free, the phone line you ring them via to order it is free, the petrol the delivery guy puts in the bike is free, the bike itself is free.

      And even if you’re going to make it yourself do you put out a value on your own time?

      As you might have guessed have little time for this type of apples and oranges simplistic comparison of “they charge a tenner but it only costs a euro” nonsense.

      1. Myles

        Cheaper versions of mozzarella that are spelled differently? Wow you are so savvy that is amazing such a savvy shopper and halfwit. THAT’S BULLSHIEEETTTT

    2. Richard Bionicle

      “A tomato to make a passata” mmmm I’d say your homemade pizza tastes reeeeal nice! Mwah mwah! Also that mozzarella thing is nonsense. Also “cod versus catfish”? What?

    3. Edwardzzzz

      “Two tomatoes please I’m treating meself to a pizza tonight” “anything else?” “Yeah give uzzz twenty cents worth of real mozzarella too please and note the spelling”

    1. Rapscallion

      I concur. They regularly appear on those lists of the best chippers in Dublin/Ireland … and for good reason.

  3. Sham Bob

    I used to find the Apache Pizza radio ad quite funny, probably because it was so ridiculously OTT with the American Indian stereotype.

    1. scottser

      the apache tribe were renowned for their pizza making skills – they were the first to use buffalo mozzarella.

      *gets coat

  4. Willie Banjo

    Who does this approach work for? For me, it screams ‘if you love authentic Italian food and really enjoy a proper pizza, sorry we can’t help you”.

  5. Niall Connolly

    I know Leo in Prestos for the past 20 odd years, he speaks like that anyway, no embracing stereotypes. Terribly nice fella, great food there.


  6. fran crowe

    Leo for taoiseach, he’s done such a great job with Presto’s and understands the value of money perfectly, he speaks several languages, wonderful sense of humour and a good looking fecker as well.
    Ciao Bella Leo.

    1. Leo Presto

      Hey you guysa cracka me up. . U gotta laugh when you make a da fish & chipsa all day!!
      Am da guy in da picture. Issa ma chipper! I give u extra mozzzzerelllla if u like a ma page on FACEBOOK!

  7. InterFirm Ed

    Leo owns Prestos and that is him to a t…. A great man who knows how to treat his customers. You can now order prestos to your table in Slatterys, which really helps on your night!!!!! Best chipper in town. It cost cents to make a pizza, but takes sense and experience to make a real one….

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