Vic Barry of The Movie Bit writes:

Hi Broadsheet people. We’re teaming up with The Reel cinema in Blackpool, Cork to give readers an opportunity to get their very own private screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey for themselves and ten friends. Female readers are being asked to get hold of their own Mr.Grey, and record him reciting one of Christian Grey’s famous lines.

(a) Laters, Baby
(b) I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living sh*t out of you.
(c) I do believe you’re making my palm twitch

Here now. Steady on.

More details here.

28 thoughts on “Spanky Panky

  1. Soundings

    Does anyone else think it’s a little tasteless to be bigging up this film, when the national headlines are dominated by the Dwyer/O’Hara murder trial?

    1. missred

      Yes definitely, but I don’t think the promoters would be persuaded to tone it down – probably too much money at stake.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Nope…. people die in cars all the time, you don’t see anyone cancelling Top Gear or the like. I don’t think it’s tasteless, but ‘bondage’ is to most people an unusual activity, and the Dwyer/O’Hara case is also unusual, and a potential blockbuster movie about bondage is unusual. But beyond these things seeming ‘unusual’ to some, it’s as common or everyday as the next activity, like driving a car.

      That’s my tuppence on it…. oh and, no, I won’t be going :)

    3. Sheila

      Never really put the two together to be honest. But that’s probably more to do with not really noticing this movie is out soon / now.

    4. Stephanie

      Also because it’s an awful awful series that utterly glorify an abusive control freak. Christian Grey is a vile vile character.

      Even if the trial wasn’t going on there are still plenty of women going through controlling relationships with abusive partners.

        1. Stephanie

          Can I get a source for that stat. I’ve heard it used before with the addition that it’s when you exclude single party abuse (ie when only one partner engages in abusive behaviour) but I’ve never gotten a source for the stat.

          1. Stephanie

            Hold up now, that’s a very different statistic. That says 40% of all victims of Domestic violence are male. Not that 40% of perpetrators are female. That’s a big difference. I do agree male victims are badly cared for with almost no resources to help them but I think that’s a very significant difference.

          2. Stephanie

            Cheers. Would definitely be interested in reading up on it. It’s becoming a problem for LGBT couples too. Trans women can’t access shelters, women in same sex relationships can’t be sure the shelter will turn away a woman who is an abuser and then there’s just no shelters for men at all.

    5. Spaghetti Hoop

      Nah – the media coverage of a trial and the release of this movie are not connected, it’s mere coincidence that they involve similar behaviours, but the movie is a piece of fiction.
      Never read 50 Shades – there were suggestive, eyebrow-raising hints and jokes going around when it came out that this was a highly erotic novel that had women enthralled. More trusted friends told me it was about a sick egotist and an abusive relationship. Movie will probably be a hit as people like that humialtion sh1t.

  2. Stephanie

    Ooo, look for my very own hyper controlling and psychologically and physically abusive stalker who goes into a jealous rage if I even get a phone call from a different person who also happens to have a penis? Boy, can’t wait, just let me grab my handbag.

    1. Mani

      Yes, this is a book that was primarily purchased by men in order to gain an insight on how to be more controlling and abusive in a relationship.

      1. Stephanie

        Let’s look for a place where someone said that besides you – goodness this is a difficult search isn’t it! Could it be hiding under the sofa? Nope! In the cupboard maybe? Hmmm, maybe it’s gone back up where you pulled the idea from? Dear me I don’t think I could look there though!

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