Do You Cycle Along The Liffey?


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Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1

Cian Ginty, of Irish Cycle, writes:

Four options for a segregated two-way cycle route along the quays in Dublin City are expected to be made public next week and public consultation is due to start on the preferred route along the River Liffey next month. understands that 12 options for the project have been narrowed down to 4 options — these are expected to be presented to Dublin City Council commities this month, including the traffic and transport commitie, which is due to take place next Wednesday.

One of a number of options for a two-way cycle route on the north quays is seen as the most feasible route design due a number of issues, including more daylight on the north quays and major pinch points on the south quays which cannot be bypassed.

An insight into the details of the cycle route was given last October when an outline of the plan to extend the Croppies Acre memorial park, at the front of Collins Barracks, out onto the riverside. The plan would allow for a car-free public park at the river side and two-way walking and cycle route along a central section of the north quays. That outline shows how buses could be moved off the north quays between Parkgate Street and Church Street.

Details of Liffey Cycle route set to be made public (

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Pic: Google Maps

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14 thoughts on “Do You Cycle Along The Liffey?

  1. JollyRoger

    I just thank god I don’t have a need to use the Quays that often! I appreciate the need for proper cycle highways but simply assuming the taking away one of the busiest entry points into the city will not have a major impact on peoples lives is crazy.

  2. chippengael

    I have cycled the length of the quays in both directions every day for the last 10 years. It is not for the faint hearted. You have to recognize the pinch points where buses leave no space on the inside. You have to watch out for random pedestrians weaving their way through static traffic, eyes on their mobile phones, unaware of oncoming cyclists. You have to predict the unpredictable. By the time you make it to work, you’re wide awake! The increase in cycling over the last few years has helped raise awareness of the presence of cyclists on the quays, but I’d love to see real dedicated paths in place. Will there be space for faster cyclists to overtake slower ones?

    1. Dara

      My favourite spot is the left turn at the morrison. 95% of motorists take that corner without checking if anything is coming up the inside.

      1. Slab

        You should try the pinch point coming around Bus Arus onto Amiens St. Its like Russian Roulette with Bus Eireann/Dublin Bus.

  3. Sinabhfuil

    Will this mean you can cycle both ways on the north quays, rather than having to take your life in your hands on the south quays? This would be great.

  4. Andrew

    This could be a big help for everyone using the quays. My route home involves a short section of the south Quays and particularly in winter its a scary if short 200m as you are constantly being passed by fast moving intercity buses with minimum clearance. The result is that you see relatively few cyclists as compared with most other routes in the city. As people still have to get home that means a lot of additional cars using the route as rush hour that would vanish if safe cycle lines came into existence, making everyones commute safer, faster and more pleasant.

  5. Jones

    “more daylight on the north quays”

    I always forget that the sun sets three hours earlier on the South Side

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