Early To Rise




Sinn Fein launched their National Programme of Events surrounding the 1916 Commemorations at Wynn’s Hotel on Abbey Street, Dublin, this afternoon.

Reanactors dressed as volunteers, Cumann na mBan joined party leaders. From top: from left, Dave Swift, Niamh O’Rourke and Jim Roche; Gerry Adams and Dave Swift; Martin McGuinness ; Mary Lou McDonald and Jim Roche, who cosplays Padraig Pearse.

It’s their Rising.

Sinn Féin launches National Programme of Events to mark Centenary of 1916 Rising (Sinn Féin)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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29 thoughts on “Early To Rise

  1. scottser

    they could have gotten gerry to dress up as george v and had a proper panto. ‘he’s behind you – oh no he isn’t,’ etc

  2. Truth in the News

    The entire Nation needs to get both inside and outside the GPO
    and re-declare the principles of the 1916 Rising well before Easter
    1916 and take control of their Country as any commerotation by
    the likes of Kenny, Burton, or Martin is only a farce, they and
    predessors have being in power since 1922….look at the results
    It seems strange that the political party which started the idea of
    republican self determination have never exercised power in the
    Republic, are we reaching end game where Sinn Fein will have
    power North and South, 1916 is unfinished business.

    1. italia'90

      Ah com’mon now. Put away the Buckfast and pick up a book, no, not Facebook, the original kind.
      Then you might find out that the Sinn Fein of 1918 is not the bastardised, extreme Nationalist $hame F€in of today.
      The original SF party was all but disolved by the time the IRA reversed into it sometime in the 1960’s?
      I can’t remember the year but I’m sure another reader can inform us.
      There was a Mrs. Buckley of old SF involved if memory serves me right?

  3. Truth in the News

    Sinn Fein was quite active in the 1960’s and was able to produce the
    “United Irishman” publication and distribute it nationally:
    It it also interesting to see who were active in the organisation in the 60’s
    the division of Sinn Fein in 1969 which was a historical repeat of 1922
    and 1926 abeit in ’22 for power by the Free State faction and DeValera
    in 1926. to oust them later in 1932, the division in ’69 was over the
    response by McGiolla to the North, the McGiolla faction evolved into
    Workers Party and it reverse took over Labour Party (minus McGiolla)
    who are now in decline.
    Yet we have now Sinn Fein led from the North in a pivotal position in the
    South….in other words the wheel has turned the full circle.
    I also suggest a visit to Linehall Library and the National Library to read
    the material they have, I doubt if the Garda Soichana will open their political
    intelligience records but might have to, if Sinn Fein assume power:

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