24 thoughts on “It Could Be You

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Pffftttt – the clampers go up for a croissant and a coffee in Lilliput – breakfast rolls are SOOO Celtic Tiger, bruh.

  1. Thomas

    Well they are all parked on Double Yellow lines. I once saw a line of cars get clamped where they’d all parked in the Bike Lane. Just because somebody else was wrong before you doesn’t mean you’re not wrong for doing the same thing. Personally I’d rather see towing/impounding offending cars to remove the obstruction rather than force it to remain an obstruction for even longer.

    1. italia'90

      I would agree with you if the offending vehicle was illegally parked in a clearway, bus lane or cycle lane, but towing a car from a paid parking space because the meter ran out is not a good solution. Think about it?

  2. R

    double yellow so can see why this happened. But watch out for opposite Kevin St. DIT – cycle lane but old signs giving clearway times still up on lamposts – people get confused or don’t see the cycle lane sign, only the cearway times, they park, they get clamped. All The Time.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Well, that’s not on, I’m sure they can get away with that if they present the fact that conflicting messages are on display. Judges don’t like that messy stuff and tend to let the citizen off, from what I’ve heard /read, etc.

  3. Talismania!

    Looks perfectly proper to me – why did all of these people think they were going to get away with parking on a double yellow?

  4. pissedasanewt

    I’d say the clampers would ignore the first car or use it as bait to lure other cars in then *bam*

  5. Anomanoman

    The clamping system is a joke
    Directly outside my apartment block is all paid parking, yet the nearest ticket machine is about 5mins walk around a corner and up a hill. So iv seen people park and get clamped in time it takes to get a ticket.

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