For the weekend that’s in it.

Saturday, December 31, 1988.

In the year Nelson Mandela is awarded the freedom of the City of Dublin in its millennium year and the Lotto went loive, It was also Italy’s first international appearance at full level against one of the home nations.

Little idea in the line-out, no concerted pattern in the ruck or maul and vulnerable in the extreme around the fringes of the scrum..

And that was just the Irish.

Edmund Van Esbeck wrote:

That was a frustrating exercise. There was absolutely nothing in that match to enrich the memory of the occasion. The manner and lack of quality in the Ireland performance was disturbing. There was very little to admire and basically nothing to encourage.


but we have Joe now.

2 thoughts on “Mi Fa Cagare

  1. Ultach

    Nice of the Italians to specify in Irish on their badge that it was their men’s team that they were fielding. FIR.

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