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Italian deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini

Italy’s populist government is standing firm on its new budget proposals, but it could now pay the price for doing so with the EU launching disciplinary measures against the country.

The European Commission — the EU’s legislative arm — said that Italy’s 2019 draft budget does not comply with the EU’s requirement that member states work to reduce their debt piles.

As such, the Commission will now launch what’s known as an “Excessive Deficit Procedure” that could lead to Italy being fined.

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini remained defiant after the news, saying he will talk to the Commission “politely, as always, but will carry on.”

Who would want to leave such a club?



EU begins disciplinary procedures against Italy after rejecting its controversial budget plans (CNBC)

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Venice, Italy yesterday

Winds of up to 180km/h (110 mph) were reported, and two tornadoes ripped through the centre of the coastal town of Terracina, killing one person and leaving 10 others injured.

In the canal city of Venice, rising floodwaters overwhelmed many of its famed squares and walkways, with officials saying as much as 75% of the city is now submerged.

Venice under water as deadly storms hit Italy (BBC)

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The bridge, built in the 1960s, stands on the A10 toll motorway and is known as the Morandi bridge. The missing section was dozens of metres in length, and ran across the span of the Polcevera stream.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica described that part of the city as “densely inhabited”.

The structure collapsed shortly before noon local time (10:00 GMT) during heavy rain.

An eyewitness told Italian public television there was a queue of traffic on the bridge at the time. Initial reports indicate there may be people trapped in the rubble.

Italy bridge: Genoa motorway bridge collapses ‘killing at least 10’ (BBC)

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Scenes from this year’s Palio in Siena, Italy

There are just two Palios in Siena, Italy every year.

The second one is on tomorrow, August 16.

The first one in July was visited by photographer Donal Moloney.

Donal writes:

One local described it to me as “Palio is life”. It seems that there are far more important things about this event than it just being a 14th century horse race. I was there 4 days and only began to understand the real meaning of Palio and what it is to be Sienese.

Palio has been on my bucket list for many years but I’ve always feared arriving and not being able to get the camera angles I want. The spectacle lasts just 90 seconds but the square in Siena is used for trials and ceremony the entire week leading up to the event.

There are 17 districts (Contradas) that compete twice a year at Il Palio (one in July, one in August). 10 contrada are chosen to compete at each main event. Horses are only assigned by the Mayor three days prior by lottery. 30 horses are used in trials on the Thursday of which 10 are chosen. They then gallop around the square twice a day in preparation. Only then do the jockeys don the colour of the contrada they represent.

Sounds complicated? It is! Add to that the skullduggery, bribery and corruption that goes on behind the scenes and you get even more confused. This is all part of the Palio.

Three months earlier I found a man online who charges a lot of money for such privileges. 15,000 people cram the square on race day and I get myself a good position on San Martino bend.

It’s 5pm and the sun is beating down on me. I’ve barely room to swing a cat but I’m pumping with adrenaline. Four hours later, endless delays and they’re off in near darkness.

Three laps of the square and it’s over. I jump the barrier with my gear on my back and run down the track into the oncoming horses to get a shot of the victorious jockey before the Italian press photographers get there.

It’s mayhem as I beat my way as close as I can to him. Men are shouting and crying with joy as they greet their hero.

I’m suddenly part of their contrada and I end up leaving the scene with them to the church where both jockey and horse will be given benediction by the parish priest. Jaysuz lads, ye couldn’t make it up.

Donal Moloney (Facebook)


italy try

For the weekend that’s in it.

March 16th, 2013.

Italy, the dreaded banana skin of the 6 Nations, fells a stunned Ireland.

Gerry Thornley holding back his tears wrote:

The most dejected trudge yet from the dressingroom to the coaches in the tunnel of the Stadio Olympico fittingly resembled another scene from MASH. A dazed and Luke Marshall followed by Keith Earls, his arm tucked under his tracksuit top. Luke Fitzgerals went by on crutches, his leg entirely encased. The ravages of the Six Nations campaign will be felt for some time.
A host of new men have been thrust into this ravaged squad, with the carnage of Saturday providing them with scenarios that they could not of imagined or experiencing in their fledgling careers to date

Previously: Mi Fa Cagare

Retro Rugby on Broadsheet.ie

For the weekend that’s in it.

Adultrock’s Gavin Elsted unleashes an off-your-chops rendition of Put Em’ Under Pressure.

Yokes kick in after two minutes.


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This saucy choon (above) remains the favourite of the tournament in Karl’s den the ‘sheet office.

Euro 2016 songs to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked “For your consideration”

This evening.

Ireland have booked a date with the host nation France, in the knockout stages of Euro 2016.

Robbie Brady (top) headed home against Italy following a tense, dodgy ref-packed 85 minutes and 30 seconds.

No slip-ups, we go again..

Final score: Italy 0 Ireland 1 



Thanks Hugh

UEFA Euro 2016