16 thoughts on “Village Flips Bird

  1. Jock

    A lesson indeed in debt dodging and right wing extremism. This will play out disastrously for Greece and its no more than they deserve.

  2. Mr. T.

    No it’s more like no to Capitalism without safeguards for society. Most people free markets and choice. But we don’t want nations enslaved by debts which are planned years before they even happen by the same banks who threw money people in the years previous.

    It’s easy when you print money to give it out and then demand it back with interest and use massive debts to blackmail governments into changing their laws to make it easier to be a massively greedy c*nt.

  3. Jimmee

    Saying you’ve beaten capitalism is about as clever as saying you’ve managed to beat the laws of physics.

  4. ScareySarahCarey

    Lad ye are all missing the most important story

    “Clooney and Alamuddin : Are they losing touch?!”

    hard-hitting journalism

    1. Soundings

      But what about the Irish Times and the paywall they’ve been threatening to introduce for the past three years.

      When the Irish Examiner remains free, they have their sho*te. In fact, I wish most of the IT columnists would be put behind (or up agin) a paywall – they should be paying us to read their drivelling musings

  5. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    Village would know about running up unsustainable debt.

    Vincent Browne is using his income invoiced to TV3 to pay down the debt he guaranteed, which has the nice benefit of being tax free.

  6. Paolo

    They ain’t the oldest democracy, They were a military dictatorship up until 1974. Athens MAY have been one of the first places to exercise a form of limited democracy.

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