13 thoughts on “Without So Much As A By Your Leave

  1. JJdub

    Thanks to my father I always thought that was ‘without so much as a by OR leave’ so thanks Dad for that, along with your ‘grey day hotel’ !!

  2. Bacchus

    there’s lot of foxes around during the night but I’ve never seen them out during the day. One passed with a few feet of me the other night (Rathmines) and just gave a nonchalant “howareye?” as he strolled past.

  3. Just sayin'

    I see them during the day around Dublin 2 – just off Grafton Street and on John Rogerson’s Quay.

  4. jonsmoke

    He looks a lot happier than the one I saw mashed onto the Porterstown Road in Blanchardstown this morning on my way to work. Not such a clever fox that one.

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