31 thoughts on “#facepalm

  1. Spartacus

    Tough one to call.

    Inability to parallel park suggests female driver.

    Shiny alloys and lack of pinkness suggest male.

    Either way their NCD is in the crapper.

    Bonus feature: Misogynistic Garda commentary.

    1. seanie88

      + 1000 000 , but with all due respect, fair play for distracting from the insufferably anti-protester bias

  2. Hashtag Diversity

    Why is the police force of the State asking if the driver is male or female? Is there a separate law for each? More prejudice and hattitude from the fattest, thickest force in the EU.

    Still, it will give the lads from Kevin St a laugh as they tuck into “the breakfast” on Camden Street.

  3. Ppads

    If Gardaí are now baiting clicks in order to show the recklessness and stupidity of some people on the roads then that’s perfectly fine with me. It’s completely irrelevant of course but if it gets the message across then it is worth ruffling a few PC feathers. Who knows, it might even save a few lives.
    Def Male, prob <30.

  4. Keith

    I might be wrong but I think it meant to be a lighthearted swipe about how female drivers are often vilified but its the male drivers that do the really crazy shit.

    … but no, you’re right, its to distract from all the political policing going on.

  5. lolly

    jay$us they were only messing. ye are all taking it far too seriously. the gardai twitter feed is designed to put a more human face on the force and generally succeeds. the post allows for misandry as much as misogyny in the replies….

    1. Mark Dennehy

      Um, why do they have to use misandry and misogyny?
      Why can’t they just be better than the rest of us?
      Seriously. They’re the police force, they’re who we’re supposed to teach our kids to trust, they’re who we call when everything goes sideways and this is one of their most public faces. Why would they need to use jokes that depend on all of us laughing at some sub-group? Would it have been allright if they’d asked if the driver was black? Or a traveller? There must be a hundred jokes anyone could have thought up to use with that photo. Even “How the…” would have been funny, and it wouldn’t have targeted anyone to do it.
      Feck it, go on, run it as a caption competition, see what gems people come up with.
      (Bagsy “WTF…” though)

      1. Jones

        Jesus. Sensitive much. Questionnaires will soon be not allowed ask sex as it seems to offend people on here

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