My First Valentine


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Eoin Higgins writes:

I was six when Geraldine (we sat beside each other in Junior Infants) surreptitiously dropped her envelope of love declarations into my schoolbag. She was six-and-a-half. An older woman. I remember finding the card (above) when I got home from school later that day, delighting in her choo-choo-choosing me.

…There are other Valentine’s cards in my biscuit tin of romance, but Geraldine’s is still the one I treasure most. Not just for the precociousness of the verse contained within, but for the fact there is any verse at all…

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8 thoughts on “My First Valentine

  1. Ronan

    Time to move on, Eoin. Sheesh

    I have no biscuit tin of valentines cards. Curse you, single-sex primary and secondary school!

  2. Murtles

    :( The only card I ever got in National School was from a girl who was nuttier than a Marathon* bar (“Roses are Red, Your gonna be dead” was one of her contributions to my card). Good times.

    *They’re called Snickers now you young whippersnappers

  3. Karen

    Ah now, 6 year olds can’t do joined writing
    Someones telling porkies!
    (Or you mam put it in your bag and signed it from poor Ger)

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