The freaked out ducks (and swans) at the Grand Canal at Robertsown, Co Kildare.

Underwater cameraman Victor Kutischev writes:

Normally ducks and swans would annoy fishermen and eat their bait. Not these ducks…

Duckmageddon at 3.59

Underwater Ireland

12 thoughts on “Spare The Rod

        1. Joe the Lion

          Plus one – great videos Victor.

          I used to live near that canal and must admit I fantasised about eating a wild duck.

          Didn’t do it though ;)

  1. madouveh on the dole

    serious amount of pillaging of Ireland’s lakes and apparently now canals by fupping Eastern European and Russian scrotes. too cheap to go to fooking Aldi.

      1. Victor Kutischev (the autor)

        There is a good number of trustworthy and responsible people among Russians, Polish, Lithuanians etc. here but you can’t hide the truth which has unfortunately been proven that many of these crimes do get committed by Eastern Europeans. I’m Russian myself but not from Russia so I do not have a typical Russian mentality + I’ve been living in Ireland for 18 years already so I can’t understand those people myself. I do as much as I can regarding poaching, protection, pollutions etc. and I am planning to post more videos on my video channel.

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