Let’s Settle This Like Gentlemen



Bloody fist pounding rivals on the pitch.

But now the gloves are on.

Niall Webb writes:

I represent Roger Casement’s GAA club in Coventry [UK]. We are hosting the UK’s first GAA Boxing Fundraiser [against bruising Coventry-based rivals Four Masters]. I thought that more people may wish to see the trailer [involving a previous pitch battle between the clubs] we have created for the event since it is very much in the Sky Sports mould…

Our money’s on Four Masters.

The Rumble In The Concrete Jungle (Hogan Stand)

23 thoughts on “Let’s Settle This Like Gentlemen

  1. Selfie Sensation

    So they are trying to promote a club event by showing footage of the two clubs punching and kicking the heads off each other during a match?

    Does the GAA approve this? Has everyone in these clubs lost their minds?

  2. The-bag

    In the history of badly executed, poorly thought out promo videos this has to be in the top 3. Jaysus lads.

  3. AhHereLeaveItOut

    Like ice hockey, gaelic football is a fistfight until a sport breaks out. None of the skill of hurling or soccer, none of the discipline of rugby, and none of the technique of boxing. But all of the pooness of poo

  4. Freddie

    “We are hosting the UK’s first GAA Boxing Fundraiser”. I’m afraid you’re not. I remember Fulham Irish and another London club did this exact thing a few years ago.

  5. Tom

    The flying ninja at .41 got a proper straight right cross Katy Taylor would have been proud of!

    This is brilliantly clever promotion… look at the press they are getting. Some people’s logic is boggling… you might not *like* it… but you are reading about it, as are the people who might go to it. Job done!

    1. The-bag

      So for the handful of people this ridiculous video convinces to go to their shi**y event, potentially thousands will think the clubs involved are a bunch of scumbag thugs. Brilliantly clever alright….

      1. Selfie Sensation

        Judging from the contents of the video and the way they are showcasing the brawl they had there is a pretty clear conclusion to be reached alright.

  6. Continuity Jay-Z

    Wow. Massive facepalm. What should be an embarrassment for any GAA player to be involved is used as a charity promotion. These clubs are all that is wrong with the game. Leave them in the boxing ring.

  7. Wiseup

    I’ve seen this footage before and Its from a match in Ireland. I’d say they are using it for effect in their promotional efforts as they are the same colours as the clubs concerned. Very well done I’d say and funny too – good luck to them, I hope they make a fortune

    1. Continuity Jay-Z

      I hope the British Board charge both clubs for brining the game into disrepute.

      From the GAA’s policy paper on social media:

      You are responsible for your actions but remember that those actions may have consequences for the GAA. You have
      a responsibility when using social media platforms to not do anything online that might tarnish the GAA’s image and
      reputation or bring the Association into disrepute.

  8. wiseup

    A bit harsh. just a couple of clubs trying to raise a few quid….and possibly a laugh along the way, I’d say.

  9. wiseup

    Fair enough…..just saying these lads seem to have put a bit of a video together to get some publicity around the event and raise some money. Im guessing they are not trying to promote this sort of behaviour (I certainly dont)but just build up a bit of a drama around the event.

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