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This morning/afternoon.

Croke Park, Dublin.

Hon Mohammed.

Eid celebration in Croke Park a ‘powerful symbol of unity (RTÉ)

Stop that.

For pity’s sake.

Absurd handbaggery before a ball is thrown in the Mayo Vs Kerry (in gold) match yesterday at Croke Park.

No cards?



Bloody fist pounding rivals on the pitch.

But now the gloves are on.

Niall Webb writes:

I represent Roger Casement’s GAA club in Coventry [UK]. We are hosting the UK’s first GAA Boxing Fundraiser [against bruising Coventry-based rivals Four Masters]. I thought that more people may wish to see the trailer [involving a previous pitch battle between the clubs] we have created for the event since it is very much in the Sky Sports mould…

Our money’s on Four Masters.

The Rumble In The Concrete Jungle (Hogan Stand)


Germany last weekend.

Jonny Parsons writes:

“At the weekend I went over to Dresden, Germany to play a Hurling match against Dresden GAA, who only set up two years ago. We brought over 11 lads of mixed abilities (some never having played the sport) to give them some match practice as their team is made up of some Irish hurlers and a lot of locals. The game was played on a rugby pitch, which I blame for the German team beating us. A German TV station covered the event , I think the commentator described hurling as an egg and spoon race but more aggressive.

Dresden GAA (Facebook)



Foreign games?

GAA Director General Páraic Duffy added: “The GAA is delighted to be involved in this partnership and we are particularly looking forward to the roll out of the programme in Scotland after its success in Ireland last year. “Sport has the potential to make a special connection with young people and we believe the other holistic elements of the camps can make a real difference to the young people participating.”


Celtic and GAA join forces in Scotland (CelticFC)

Thanks Shane O’Leary