The people of Dublin?

Decent skins in fairness.

People of Dublin shot and directed by Tara Morgan in association with Photos of Dublin is a short about Dublin and its people.

Tara writes:

We went out and chatted with the lovely people of Dublin over two days in mid February 2015, this is what we got

That old guy with the beard.. Mmf!

Tara Morgan Photography

12 thoughts on “Dub Linn

    1. ahjayzis

      Nah babes, that’s Northern Ireland.

      Great idea though. They could have made it black and white either. Or in Irish. SEPIA. Or went to Athlone. Or Galway. Or Wexford. Could have been shot by a shorter camera person. Could’ve been done this month instead of last month. NAKED CONTRIBUTORS. Tara could have worn something green cause she’s Irish. Or something trampy to elicit a reaction.

      This is a fun game!

      BRITS OUSH etc.

        1. ahjayzis

          You’re inarticulate as well as dim! Well done! It’s really just a touch of light-hearted contempt, though. I don’t really hate the obtuse ;)

          It’s a comment from the same stable that the news station that reports treacherous weather in a city with a population of a million is somehow oath-bound to cover poor farmer MacIncest’s flooded field, because that’s ‘balance’.

  1. Jordofthejungle

    That was great! My favourite moment – those three girls @1.30 and again at @6.13 – they exemplify why immigration has been so positive for Ireland. That is not to suggest that they are anything but true Dubs. Love them.

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