From A Galaxy Far, Far Away




This afternoon.

US-based footballer Robbie Keane at Our Lady’s Childrens Hospital in Crumlin [Dublin] to donate a cheque worth $50,000 from the LA Galaxy Foundation and Herbalife to CMRF Crumlin, the fundraising arm of the hospital. Robbie also helped launch the hospital’s lenten ‘Give It Up‘ campaign.


From top: Grace Keneally (in the isolation unit) and Aidan Doyle, aged 5.

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital



Robbie Keane with Squee at Aras an Uachtarain this afternoon.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


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22 thoughts on “From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    1. Frilly Keane

      Same here

      ‘Never forgets where he came from.

      Which is just across the road on Captains, and lads around here say him and Morrissey are cousins BTW.

      Started off with Crumlin United whose lights you can see from Our Ladies

      1. Rose

        Forgot about the cousin thing but you reminded me of a pic of them in LA and this little blurb from Morrissey;

        “Well, family tree aficionados will be aware that Robbie and I share the same Irish blood; his late grandfather (Thomas Nolan) being my own father’s cousin. In filial terms the Irish blood, English heart genetic between Robbie and I is evident – his chin is my chin, my chin is his.”

    1. Ppads

      So a guy pops into a state funded hospital with a cheque then does a photo shoot with sick kids which is not about publicity. In what dimension of this world do you live in?

      1. Wayne.F

        Ppads, he has signed many a cheque for projects in his native Tallaght with no publicity or fanfare, the la galaxy have very little to gain from this photo shoot.

        He is a good lad doing a good thing it should not be the subject of bitterness or question

      2. Frilly Keane

        He’s looking into the eyes of those kids like
        they’re equals; or maybe like,
        They’re his own

        Away ou’dat ya misery guts ppaddie

  1. Digs

    Great guy , and those kids and their families need all the assistance they can get. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how that particular charity fairs in audits? Anecdotally, I’ve heard that much of the funds raised do not always take the most direct route to the very sick children to whom most of the public think they’re giving.

      1. Digs

        Where in the hospital. I wasn’t actually suggesting that someone goes around with a bag of cash, handing it out to sick children and their families.

    1. Miquelon

      I wish Bohs would get more glamour friendlies. If ever there was a historic Irish club in financial dire straits.

  2. phil

    Fair play to him, seems like a nice fella, hasnt forgot us…

    Ill probably be flamed, but I hope that cash is used correctly and not to top up consultants pay

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