31 thoughts on “The Absolute Business

  1. FK

    He must suffer the consequences of being a complete tool and be shunned by civilised society for all time.

  2. Sinabhfuil

    Oooh, envy. Hate that longlonglonglong trudge to the boarding gate. Always look with utter envy at those Zoo-style yokes carrying luggage and smuggies in wheelchairs.

  3. Parochial Central

    Typical Irish.

    An American would rush up to the guy and say “Woah, awesome, dude! Where’d you get it?”

    The Irish equivalent is to take a poor quality long distance image with a cell phone and seek personal gratification and validation by then sending it to Broadsheet where the rest of us can point out he/she (Shaun) is a loser. Everybody wins.

    1. Frilly Keane

      The thing is. And I was hoping as someone else would fill ya in.

      The thing is. A Paddy, like a daycent one, would never say Woah awesome Dude …etc

      A Paddy would say
      “Gis a go”

  4. kerryview

    what was so wrong with my post that it was deleted? All I wanted to know was the meaning of ‘made in wicklow’ ?

      1. kerryview

        jeyes fluid but you are right Mikeyfex. I hang my head too. Still don’t know about ‘made in wicklow’ though.

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