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Finally, we can confirm that we will be releasing an album, ‘The Magic Whip’ (cover above) on April 27th, our first as a four-piece in 16 years….


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Thanks Ciaran Savage

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9 thoughts on “Blur Lines

  1. John E. Bravo

    I had a pint with Graham Coxon once and he told me about the time he shifted SinĂ©ad O’Connor. True story.

      1. John E. Bravo

        Not much really. He was very drunk; I was fairly drunk. It was a pub in Camden, London. He speaks like he sings. He said it happened when his band was called Seymour – he didn’t mention Blur by name – and they were in Dublin to play a wedding. I think he said he was 17 at the time, though I’m not sure. I noticed I paid for a couple of pints for him, but he didn’t get me one back, and there were some shitty people nearby being very nice to his face, but cursing him out for a drunk while he was in the toilet. But we got the 1000 brown M&Ms and Ozzie went onstage and put on a great show.

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