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  1. Mr. T.

    And yet two cyclists have broken red light but we’ll ignore that.

    Half of those who cycle Dublin bikes need a lesson in how to ride a bike. They’re like five year olds.

    1. edalicious

      While I do agree that there’s a general lack of competence among Dublin Bike cyclists, you can go and poo if you consider being just past the lights like that to be breaking the lights.

      1. the good helen

        it is – a bike should use the same rules as a car, if a car drove to where they are – they are breaking the lights. So I agree with poster. Plus.., dublin bike users are twats to put it politely, i know someone compared them to a 5 year old, but my 4 year old could cycle better than half of them, you know, the ones who think its ok to use the path all the way to work and tut when you don’t move out of their way.

        1. Joe

          ahh now Helen ur being nit picky. they are fully stopped and not in the way of traffic. see that hatch they aren’t in, that’s a good thing. Jeez some folk are never happy when cyclist behave properly.

        2. Soundings

          Agree with the sentiment, though to generally tar us all as twats is dehumanising and is the thin end of a wedge which ends with cars slicing you for fun, because who gives a toss about twats, right (and I don’t mean that in the ooh-ar-missus way)?

          New or reacquainted bike users are the worst. The rush of ardrenaline seems to embolden them to do the dumbest things, and then have the arrogance to pick fights with other road users whom they deem to be too slow or inconsiderate for not seeing their fleeting presence until it’s too late.

        3. fulladapipes

          They have slightly different rules – see advanced cycle stop area there in he photo…although they’ve gone a bit beyond that too…

          So you’re wrong: different rules.

    2. JimmytheHead

      No, Mr T is right. That strip with the bike emblem is where youre supposed to be – not blocking pedestrians. Totally agree that Dublin Bikes people are without a doubt the most irresponsible and dangerous road users going. They should be forced to do a bike training course before you can sign up… and wear helmets, morons.

      1. JimmytheHead

        See that bit with bikes on it on the road? Yea we call that a “pedestrian crossing”. Much like if a car parked there it would be blocking traffic, pedestrians count as traffic btw, as do the cars and buses they are blocking.

        I make a point of lecturing every f**king one of you idiots I see in the mornings, dont worry.

        1. Joe

          Relax Jimmy. No need to get all riled up over bikes that have strayed a bit outside the box and aren’t causing any problem. The threat of violence was uncalled for man, would ya say that to a persons face, I think not you arer probable a bit more rational in real life. FFS guys take a break from BS commenting and relax a bit. You’d swear the two cyclists stabbed two Garda or summit.

          1. Joe the Lion

            He is quite correct though. I stand to be corrected but as far as I know no other road user can access a pedestrian crossing while the orange light is flashing and/or you can not proceed through it in one motion (like a yellow box). The pedestrian crossing is for the express benefit of pedestrian and disabled road users such as those in a wheelchair who may need to access the crossing from time to time (hard to do if there are some cyclists there).

          2. JimmytheHead

            thanks REAL Joe with Lions, much better than that other Joe with no lions.

            The threats may have seemed over the top but Im just concerned for peoples safety Joseph. Personally I wear enough protective gear to survive a head on lorry crash but whatever floats your boat. If you have suicidal tendencies though I would recommend doing it at home so you dont bring innocent bystanders with you. P.s I will happily say this and more to your face if you cut me off on my commute. Believe me

        2. Yea, Ok

          That’s not a pedestrian crossing; there is in fact no pedestrian crossing there. If there was it would have another set of parallel lines separate and in front of the cyclists’ advance stop box. The advance stop box is there because it’s safer than being among the cars. To be ahead of the advance stop box is not breaking the lights, so don’t be ridiculous. To be ahead of the pedestrian line, however, WOULD be breaking the lights, were there one there.
          Anecdotally at least half of the cars at junctions stop inside the advance stop box, and a significant minority inside the pedestrian crossing. As for the red light jumping complaints, motorists are at least as guilty of that (entering the junction several seconds after the lights turn is common practice). That’s not excusing cyclists, that’s me saying that until proven otherwise, assume everyone is a twat.

    3. Joe

      Jaysis some folk on here are so bloody nit picky, if ya give em a free ten euro they’d give out it isn’t 2 fives. Chill guys chill.

  2. Niamh

    Van idiot is an idiot.

    Bike idiots are idiots too (there’s no need for them to be edged out so close to the main road – there’s plenty of designated space for them before the traffic light and at that particular light, there is a green light for bikes before the green light for the rest of the traffic so they have plenty of time to go before the traffic behind them catches up).

    Would it be worth ringing the head office number on the van and lodging a complaint?

    1. Anne

      Would it be worth ringing the head office number on the van and lodging a complaint?

      T’would, if you’re a bit of a wagon like.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    A lot of Dublin parking, delivering, and indeed driving/cycling is based on the HFTB strategy…..
    Hope For The Best.

  4. Gavin

    If the bikes where further back and you where behind them you’d probably be the very people bitching and moaning that they take to long to leave the lights and hence slow all the traffic down. If you had ever cycled a bike in town (I dont anymore) you’d know that, that gap is the difference between being nearly run of the road and safely getting going. At the end of the day city streets are not designed to handle either the volume of traffic or the mixed mode of transport and some solution needs to be found.

    1. Niamh

      In this particular spot, the cyclists have their own green light before the main green light for the vehicles behind them so they have lots of time to move off before the traffic behind them catches up.

      Incidentally, though perhaps more common amongst cyclists, I see some cars doing the exact same thing from time to time. It’s so silly, they don’t get anywhere any faster. I don’t understand why we can’t all just follow the rules of the road properly – the mindset of people who are itching to be over the line at traffic lights baffles me.

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