65 thoughts on “The Leaflet Of Hate

    1. Tony

      I reckon the more publicity these clowns get the better. Best out in broad daylight rather than lurking under rocks

      1. munkifisht

        It’s crazy that their bank account details are given. A proportion of ignorants are going to see that and donate. They should be removed.

    2. Elle

      I dunno… There is no real link to this group… Could be a wind up. It’s so fucked up it just doesn’t seem true.

  1. Mark Dennehy

    Feck, isn’t it enough that they’re on every RTE programme and newspaper going (along with their own which they insist in shoving in everyone’s letterbox), do they really need to give out leaflets too?

    1. Elle

      I’ve never heard if them before and if you google them you just get this. Could be trolling. Mental stuff.

  2. MC

    The Leaflet Of Hate followed by the Comment Thread Of Hatred. The intolerance of intolerance is becoming intolerable.

    1. Cluster

      “Comment thread of hate” – the type of nonsense peddled by cretins who are unable and unwilling to perceive any distinction between legitimate criticism and invective. Not to mention the obvious hypocrisy which tends to permeate every facet of their own “musings”.

    2. Nially

      Yes, you’re right, we really should take malicious lies and hatred directed towards us with gentle good humour.

  3. realPolithicks

    I’m shocked that these fine upstanding christians would be peddlers of such hate, shocked I tell you!

  4. Dora The Unexplored

    You people are horrible.
    My dad chose this name for me, after my favourite TV Show, Spongebob. He’s a good man.

    He didn’t write r

    that letter.

  5. Jeff

    Woah. Not sure why I am so shocked at that – maybe it’s the errant use of commas, maybe it’s the complete lack of logic. Maybe it’s just the false arguments. Some people say that a deep religious belief is a sign of mental illness. I am coming around to that viewpoint.

  6. Ppads

    Back in the eighties while priests raped children, this sort of thing would have actually been credible.

    1. Dora The Unexplored

      Tnank GOD they’ve finally stopped, eh?
      I hear Alter-boy applications are rising, but, then again, I hear a lot of, things.

  7. MintyFresh

    Anthony Murphy aka The Catholic Voice. I love seeing obviously made-up stuff being masqueraded as fact. It shows these deluded crazies up for who they really are. Hopefully the majority of people are smart enough not to fall for it.

    1. Ppads

      Personally, I hope people do fall for it because then the world will see how Ireland really treats its minorities.

  8. Ronan

    It strikes me that what this group (and other religious groups) are doing is persuading themselves that the “sacrament” of marriage (ie that in the eyes of their god, so to speak) is what is up for change here. It’s not. It’s civil (aka the legal and therefore important) marriage that is being proposed for change.

    My point being this: let the government, on the basis of the church not supporting its proposed rules regarding civil marriage, announce that churches will remain perfectly entitled to perform marriage ceremonies in accordance with their own belief systems, but will no longer have the ability to officiate over a civil (aka legal) marriage. In other words, they say: no problem if you want to keep yours for men and women only, but you don’t get to perform ours I. behalf of the state.

    How many people would get married in a church then, knowing they’d have to have a second legal marriage at a different time and place? Very very few. And the true “strength” of the church in Ireland would be revealed for all to see.

    1. ScareySarahCarey

      The good news is that only 62% of marriages in Ireland in 2013 took place in a Catholic Church; down from 91% in 1994 according to CSO stats.

      1. Ronan

        Yes. The big difference being that now a ceremony outside a church can be in a nice building and not require a registry office visit. Shows how many would avoid the need for two ceremonies if they flipped things around so it was a religious ceremony that requires a second ceremony.

  9. seanie88

    On the face of it their arguments just fall flat! hopefully the posting of this stuff will just further empower the yes side

  10. More_Bermuda_Than_Berlin

    I’m just glad Enda didn’t see this fact sheet before he called for Yes vote at the FG Ard Fheis tonight.

  11. ABM

    While I agree with the broad thrust, I don’t think I’ll donate any more than 20. I think the Terenure Opus Dei are a great organisation and do great work, but I’m just not 100% in tune with them.

    1. Cluster

      Rather amusing. Don’t fool yourselves and fall foul of ABM the Pied Piper for he is not on the side you think. There is always an element of mocking Roman Catholicism, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle but the obvious (if poor) satire is firmly set out to lampoon and not endorse the side you think he is on. Hackneyed at this stage but at times it may elicit a chuckle.

  12. Frilly Keane

    Like I said before

    Tis all about the money

    ABM just confirmed it himself.
    That leaflet had nothing to do with facts
    Just bank details
    And shoving them thru letter boxes

    Money Money Money

    1. Jordofthejungle

      ABM is a wind-up merchant with too much time on his hands. Do you honestly think this person is serious? “Terenure Opus Dei” smacks of fake ratchet up the crazy ABM. The account is simply there to elicit a reaction and I would not be surprised were ABM the biggest marriage equality supporter. The current ABM is just a mischief-maker having much fun at the Church’s expense. Things are not as they appear on the old internets. Lol

      1. Frilly Keane

        I don’t believe you

        I can’t believe you

        ABM is real
        Otherwise he’d she’d be a traitor
        And slaughtered
        The eaten by a million locusts

        1. Jordofthejungle


          Think about it though. ABM, over the last while is adept at making the Church’s position on gay people look a bit like Fred Phelps on a particularly bad day. The swivel-eyed lunacy is often imbued with humour and hilarity. ABM is studiously trying to make the religious position seem just a bit OTT. Iona would have him gagged quicker than you could say “isn’t Breda O’Brien a lovely, quiet and honest woman”.

          Not about the money but ABM having fun trolling but not for the reasons you think. Hell, maybe I am ABM!

          1. ABM

            Look, I’ve probably gone a bit overboard on here from time to time and dehumanised gay people – thus is wrong and I apologise for any offence. Sure, I go to Mass and will admit I have been wrong in the past and wrong about the way I have interpreted some official teachings . The bloody underwear stuff, while graphic, is the reality for many gay people currently doing their weekend laundry. I reserve the right to vote no and to inform people of the dangers of sodomy and the dangers of hybrid families.

          2. Jordofthejungle

            LOFL. I don’t want to toot my own horn but as previously ventilated ABM is stridently on the marriage equality side. Presenting oneself as a gay-sex obsessed immature loon – which side does that favour?

            Or one could be really cynical and believe I wrote the above response. Strange place this internet!

          3. ABM

            I can honestly say that I have ZERO gay inclinations and ZERO inerest in allowing another man’s penis in my ass pipe or inserting my member in another man’s bottom pipe.

          4. Cluster

            If you are not having a laugh ABM and are actually serious – which I doubt – I certainly wouldn’t be putting my life-savings on your vociferous claims to heterosexuality. It is often the case that those who shout the loudest with their invective against homosexuality forever concentrating and focusing in particular on certain sexual acts, often hide their own struggles and hypocrisy. Most normal sexually mature adults simply don’t obsess in this way, it doesn’t really cross their minds as they are fully aware what a healthy and happy sex life involves. I do hope for your sake ABM you are joking as you appear very focused on one particular thing – for years now. Your use of capitals rather than enhancing your point, actually has the opposite effect I fear.

  13. James M. Chimney

    I’d shove my bank details through your letter box anytime honey.

    er unless you’re a man and you want to marry me. If you’re a god fearing woman that likes mass at least once a day and doing it with the lights out. We could take it to the next level.

  14. Brown dogg

    Spot on! We’ll done to the ADFAM. Both myself and my wife Moo Moo have donated and hope others follow suit. It takes guts to stand up for what is the Natural Truth.

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