Where’s Molly?


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Meadhb writes:

I know you don’t normally do this yesterday my friend (Christina) brought her dog into work with her on Mountjoy Street [Dublin 7] to do a bit of catch up and Molly (her black and white Poodle cross) got out and is missing. She is micro-chipped but the thing is she doesn’t know the area and she could be anywhere. We are going to put up posters up this afternoon, and I would be grateful if you could share this, as you can see she is very small and cute…




Meadhb writes:

‘Christina just got Molly back. A nice man on Clonliff Road found her. Lors Lost Dog page on Facebook made the connection for us thanks for all your help :-)

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7 thoughts on “Where’s Molly?

  1. Too True

    Get in touch with FaceBook page ‘Lor’s lost dogs’. She and her page’s followers have a great reputation for helping find lost pets. There’s also a lot of info on her FB page about how you can help increase your chances of finding your pet. Best of luck….

  2. Too True

    ….. oh and even though Molly is microchipped , go onto http://www.fido.ie and ensure Molly is actually registered to her owner and that the correct contact details are listed. So many lost dogs, once found are brought to a vet to have them scanned for a microchip… only to discover that it’s either not registered or that it’s registered but the details are incorrect.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Great news that Molly’s back.

      +1 on microchipping – got my dog chipped as a pup, and the company went out of business. I rang up to check a couple of years ago – purely on a hunch – and found that they didn’t have her microchip registered to my address in the new firm that had taken over.

  3. Too True

    Great that Molly has been found safe and well. Yet again Lor’s lost Dog FB page to the rescue. That woman deserves an award :-)

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