How Many Hours?



Newstalk reports:

“Up to seven members of staff were involved in an incident in a children’s care home [for children aged ten to 17] in which a child was handcuffed to restrain them.”

“The incident is documented in a HIQA inspection report into Trinity House and Oberstown boys and girls detention centres, all of which are located on the one premises.”

“The inspection also found that one child was “locked into a room for 83 hours 45 minutes, over a four-day period, including sleeping hours.”

Overall the report found that the centre complied with one of ten standards assessed, and required improvement in six areas. No standards were exceeded.”

HIQA report finds that Dublin detention centre complied with one of ten standards (Newstalk)

HIQA report highly critical of Oberstown detention centre (RTE)

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6 thoughts on “How Many Hours?

  1. Jessica Carroll

    The kids in these detention centres are, to be it mildly, absolute gurriers.

    No respect for authority borne out of their parent’s inability to perform adequate parenting.

    These kids & indeed their adult selves in the coming years will be the ones destroying the next breed of their generation.

    Failed government policies has ensued grey tracksuits & legging sales will forever be on the increase.

  2. Odis

    What’s your point here Bodger?
    It says “children” up to the ages of seventeen.
    So we are talking adolescents.
    That seven members of staff were involved suggests that the adolescent had become a danger to his/herself or others.

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