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Must trying effing harder.

Read the report card from the Children’s Rights Alliance in full here

Govt failing kids in poverty (Irish Health)

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9 thoughts on “For F Sake

  1. ahyeah

    Good to see we’re on the right track. Patronage and Pluralism in Primary Education is looking up, too. All good, Enda.

  2. Waffles

    On a whole, the majority of the other factors seems to have achieved a better score than before.
    That’s some pretty good news.

    1. Wait For It

      No, there are 21 categories, 20 of which had information available. Since last year, 8 are up, 7 down and 5 the same, which does not indicate a majority improvement. And some of those increases include an increase from a D+ to a C- on alcohol, smoking and drugs, a D to a D+ on children and the social welfare system, from E to E+ on the rights of Traveller and Roma Children, and from F to E+ on the rights of migrant children. Such low scores remain shameful, and when combined with the appalling grades on healthcare and standard of living should really stop people form trying to spin these facts as somehow good news.

      1. Dubloony

        Some are a bit vague, I’d like to know what they mean and how they are being measured e.g. Right to Equality and non-discrimination – Traveller & Roma children.
        Its illegal to discriminate in law already. In practice, how is this being experienced and measured?

        Similarly, Inequalities in family life – what does that mean?

  3. Mr. T.

    Ah yes. Young Fine Gael baby spin merchants all ignoring what Fine Gael policies do to low income families and instead try to find bits of positive news between the cracks.

    Fine Gael are deliberately creating a desperate low income class who will work for next to nothing for greedy little sh*ts whose business plan is exploitation, tax dodging and not paying suppliers.

  4. pissedasanewt

    An E for mental health is very worrying and a B- for Children in Detention below a story about handcuffing children in a care home.. i’d hate to see what they would have to do to get a C.

    Surely the Child poverty is as much to do with the parents as it is with the kids. All families get child allowance, but not all of these Children are in poverty. So its down to how much of the allowance see’s its way through to the kids. All allowances / welfare should be given on debit cards where they can only be used to buy food, kids clothes and other essentials for the kids.

  5. Talismania!

    Overall the country should consider any grade worse than a C as unacceptable, and work from there . . .

  6. Odis

    “Children rights Alliance” – who the **** are they.
    Pro tip :- You can enjoy producing your own “multicolored” report using a computer and software.
    Yours sincerely,

    The Odis Group

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