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This morning.

L writes:

I thought you might like these images  A full van of Gardai arrived to surround an eighty-year-old man who was slowing down a wheelbarrow. The first picture is an Inspector overseeing installation at what I believe is Imelda May’s parents’ house….

G’wan Imelda’s Ma.

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  1. Jet Alone

    This picture is of 4 Garda “surrounding” a group of 12 people. Look, I’m all for civil disobedience and the expose of heavy-handed government tactics to suppress water meter protests, but it would be nice if Broadsheet actually pretend to act like the news-site it pretended to be. The first picture look like a Garda talking to a builder, possibly about whether or not there’s been trouble. Can I just send in any old crap with a headlines grabbing caption and you’ll post it?

    ‘Thought you’d like to see this black and white picture of Garda officers dressed as Nazis executing water meter protestors in concentration camps I believe to be located on the grounds of Charlie Haughey’s house.’

    ‘Thought you’d like to see this picture of my cat, which was killed by the Garda Ombudsman as part of a terror campaign to try and stop me from revealing that water meters are actually designed to suck out human blood. Possibly Imelda May’s parents are the first victims?’

    1. whelp

      The ludicrous search for victimhood, combined with intimidatory tactics, is actually turning off huge swathes of people who would have previously been firmly in the anti-water charges camp.

      Paul Murphy and his self-appointed martyrs, who represent only a fraction of the anti-water charge movement, are on the verge of achieving the unthinkable: making ordinary voters feel sorry for the Government over this issue.

      1. Eliot Rosewater

        ‘Huge swathes’, you say?

        Can you tell me how you know this? Or is it just a ‘feeling’ you have? Based on nothing in particular?

          1. Eliot Rosewater

            Oh, i thought your link might indicate that the recent actions of ‘fringe’ element of the anti water charges has led to a substantial decrease in support (or ‘swathes’) for this campaign amongst the general population.

            But you’ve just shown us that AAA are polling around the 1% mark. Actually, that link doesn’t even show that, as the AAA aren’t mentioned.

      2. Soundings

        “The ludicrous search for victimhood,”

        That’s very harsh on that Fine Gael TD who claims his childer were “traumatised” by a peaceful protest (video now available) outside the perimeter of their home. And judging by his interview on Newstalk, he’s been the victim of some Ronaldo diver-type or even compo-seeking skanger. The poor man, but if you want to criticise him for searching for victimhood, go ahead, but I think you being beastly.

          1. Anomanomanom

            So strange people gathering around your house would not make you nervous. It would most certainly scare kids. Especially if the kids have any idea of why their outside the house. Any protesting a person’s home is just complete scumbag behaviour, even if it’s peaceful.

          2. Vote Rep #1

            Is there a link to the video if the alleged hit and run? The video above, btw, is the worst video I have seen a long time. Fair play on posting it but it looks like it was filmed underwater!

          3. Mister Mister

            LOL at the 40 second video, where’s the massive RTA ?

            Did anyone expect anything different from these clowns ?

          4. Soundings

            No idea about hit-and-run/jumping on car incident. All I did was stuck youtube ray butler into a search engine and restricted results to last 24 hours.

          1. Soundings

            Yep, that would definitely scar a child

            “Mammy why are those people silent. And more importantly, why have you stuck me next to the window so that I can take it all in.”

            Oh, the humanity. And the victimhood.

          2. Mayor Quimby

            Dr Finbar Markey??

            some fupping leftie he is – defender of bankrupt landlords ( Brendan and Asta Kelly) and those who want to keep their assets despite not paying the mortgage.

            Jipstain on the mattress of the nation.

      3. Dandy

        i really dont understand how the actions of a few would turn people off the whole thing and make them suddenly want to pay . thats a fairly rediculous way of thinking. The larger marches are not organised by these people and the most massive of majorities of people going to them have nothing to do with anyone whos causing a bit of a ruccus ( im too lazy to look up the spelling of that right now ) :) You dont have to have any allegence to those causing trouble to still understand that we shouldnt be entertaining the qaungo that is irish water so people should stick to ral issues at hand and you can condemn the actions of a few all you like but it should have no effect on whether or not you pay or agree with the whole debacle . In my mind i would wager a fairly large stake that charges will rise significantly after 4 years with many picking up tidy bouses and contracts and that those very same people will feel a little silly for making a rash decision over somthing thats really not connected to the real issue at hand .

        1. My Left Testicle

          @ Dandy

          Your spelling is atrocious, but your sentiments are articulated well, albeit in your own peculiar way.
          I probably couldn’t have said it more concisely, but I’ll try…

          There’s a protest going on, The ‘old’ media is controlled by those who’s vested interests are in vilifying the protesters. And they’re going to lose.
          (NOT the protesters, the other gang.)

          For my next trick, I’m going to disappear and NEVER come back again.

  2. Kolmo

    In 10 years time when the Irish Water tribunal starts and after re-nationalisation, all the today’s snarky insulated anti-protest types will be claiming that they protested against the privatisation of the water supply 10 years previously…you mark my words young Seány Snarkington

    1. AlisonT

      Lots of people in the country already pay directly for their water and you didn’t see AAA people traveling the country to protest on their behalf.

      1. Soundings

        Yeah, clowns in AAA are concentrating on supporting those who can’t pay, what sort of public representatives do they think they are.

        1. Steve

          I can kind of understand others arguments against IW but can’t pay ???FFS Get a grip mate.

          If you register with IW and get the €100 back the cost of delivering clean water to your gaff and treating your p@#s and s@&t comes to 44 cent a day. Less than the cost of 2 Freddos.

          1. Soundings

            No idea what a Freddo is – isn’t he swimming with the fishes after Godfather 2? But regardless, you’re paying for water already (for the unemployed, they pay VAT and other sales taxes). As for “giving you a break mate”, take a look at poverty and deprivation levels in this country and then try to imagine what a €60 or €160 bill does to those unfortunate household budgets.

          2. Steve

            We already pay for water…people can’t afford this charge…the eternal battle continues. Keep fighting the fight

            Btw I don’t agree with the charges being brought in now….should have waited until a couple of years of strong growth/declining unemployment.

          3. Soundings

            That’s very big of you Steve, and presumably you’re not 100% on board with the very real concern that the bills will rocket in future. Do you honestly think people will be paying €60 a year in a couple of years? Maybe you do, but most people I know fear it will be around €500 on average.

        2. Paolo

          I already paid over the odds for my house. I work hard, pay my taxes (pay for other people) and the Government hits me with property tax after I already paid stamp duty. Where were these pr%^$ then?

      2. Nigel

        What about protesting against the manner in which the water charges have been implemented? I’m in favour of water charges, and I think the whole thing has been a hideously wasteful dysfunctional farce. What do you think?

      1. Soundings

        Sssh, otherwise the EU might hear you and not allow the debt Irish Water is building up on installing useless meters and consultants and bonuses, to remain off-balance sheet.

  3. Joe

    Excellent to see the honourable act of civil disobedience by an elderley civic minded gentleman. Dublin needs more civic spirited people like him. It is a pity that the Gardai, instead of acting in such of a biased partisan manner as enforcers for Irish Water and damaging community relations would engage in protecting the local community instead.
    Somehow I don’t think the new FF party of Fine Gael and Labour will do too well in the local area come the next election!

    1. Rob_G

      Maybe they would have more time to protect the local community if they didn’t have to spend so much time policing protests of people trying to prevent water meter installers going about their lawful business.

          1. Rob_G

            Well, they if they had fewer water protests to police, they could do all the other things that they would normally do if they didn’t have to police water protests.

            Stands to reason, innit?

    2. Paolo

      I don’t see any elderly gentleman. You are perfectly wiling to believe things with zero evidence when it suits you.

  4. StiffLittleFingers

    I think the Gardaí should protest outside Paul Murphy’s wendy house for wasting their time..

    1. Kieran NYC

      If a bunch of people peacefully ring-fenced his house, I wonder would you even get to thirty seconds before he’s on the phone to the radio complaining of bullying and harassment?

      1. My Left Testicle

        @Kieran NYC :
        What does ‘NYC’ stand for?

        Is it…
        ‘Not Your Colour!’
        ‘Naive Young Child’
        ‘Nasty, Yucky C***’
        or, and let me preempt you here…’Not Your (ie. My) Concern’.

        It can’t be a reference to New York.
        You’d have better things to do if you were in New York..

        It can’t be.

        1. My Left Testicle

          Can I just say that my earlier ‘pre-emption’, (if that’s how you spell it) was no indication of me thinking that Kieran NYC has any intelligence.
          I apologise for any confusion..

  5. TransOpTrans

    Here come’s tomorrow’s Irish Daily Mail front page so.

    Mind you, that’s more people outside the chap’s house than bought her last album. He should have flogged a few.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    Too many fuppin’ typos in this thread, we need to bring back the spelling police !

    Gone to the bleedin’ daaaawgs this place…

    Down with this sort of thing! (Just to stay on topic)

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