Don’t Beam Yourself Up



A replica of the original 23rd century Star Trek communicator ($40 plus shipping from Thinkgeek) complete with lights, beeps and voiceclips but no orbiting starship to which you can be beamed to avoid a hiding, having activated the device in public.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Beam Yourself Up

  1. Skerries

    I bought one of these about 20 years ago and used it for Halloween a few years ago when I dressed up as Spock

    1. Kieran NYC

      Had one too. Playmates used to make them.

      What an odd name for a children’s toy company, now that I think of it! 0_o

  2. 评论员

    mat if they had installed android or a phone mother board ( mahe is a ceap hone with gooles voice control yokey it coulda been a goer

    im not paid to think

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