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You may recall the claims made by Fiona Lloyd that Fine Gael TD Ray Butler hit her with his car outside his constituency office in Trim, Co Meath, and Mr Butler’s denial of same.

Today’s Irish Daily Mail reveals details of a 10-year-old ‘intimate’ toy gathering ‘fracas’ involving Ms Lloyd while columnist Matt Cooper warns of the ‘mob’ and Leo lambasts ‘lefties’.


Ms Lloyd released the following statement late last night:

“In response to the incident outside the constituency office of Ray Butler TD in Trim, Co. Meath on Tuesday 23rd of February 2015. At this early juncture it is important to state that I am restricted in the amount of detail I can make in this statement as I may be progressing these matters legally in the near future, however this does not restrict me from responding to inaccurate media reports.”

“A number of inaccuracies were reported in a statement by Mr Ray Butler on Morning Ireland and on local radio stations. These inaccuracies were repeated in national newspapers. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.”

“I attended a silent candlelit vigil at the home of Mr Butler which was organised by the Meath branch of the National Land League of Ireland to highlight the fact that he signed the Land and Conveyancing Reform Bill which has given the banks a green light to evict families from their homes, up to 50,000 in 2015 alone.”

“The vigil lasted approximately 20 to 25 minutes. I want to be very clear that there was no violence or intimidation perpetrated by any of the protesters either at Mr Butler’s home or office. There was no one wearing hoods or had faces covered, as reported in the media. Mr Butler’s brother-in-law informed us he was at a meeting in his constituency office, we then went to his office where a meeting was in fact taking place. I rang the buzzer of his office asking to speak to Mr Butler as I know him personally, as we are both from Kells.”

“I wanted to ask Mr Butler to his face why he voted to allow the banks evict families from their homes. I, myself and my family faced eviction last month so we know what it’s like to be terrorised in our home waiting for the sheriff to evict us. At this stage two men came down from the office and answered the door, they informed me that Mr Butler would not come down to talk to me. I must state at this stage that the other women present detected a strong smell of alcohol from these two men and one of these men was very abusive and aggressive to the women present.”

“They then locked the door, most of the other people present returned to an adjoining hotel for coffee. I waited for another couple of minutes with the 15-year-old daughter of my friend. As we were just about to leave I noticed Mr Butler coming out of his office and, as I know him from childhood, I approached him to ask the question I had waited for all night. He refused to talk to me and told me to make an appointment if I wishes to speak to him.”

“I told him I was blue in the [face] trying to contact him over the years. He then got into his car and locked the door.  At this stage the aggressive man who clearly seemed to be under the influence of alcohol came right up into my face, I felt very intimidated at this stage. He grabbed my wrists and pushed me forward into the path of Mr Butler’s car as he reversed out of a parking spot, at this time I was hit by the car and I was knocked backwards.”

“I grabbed hold of my friend’s daughter Molly to save myself from falling over, the man then grabbed Molly by both shoulders and shook her violently. Molly cried out to this man to release her saying, ‘stop stop stop leave me alone I’m only 15 ‘.”

“Mr Butler then drove away passing an oncoming Garda car. An ambulance was called by the guards, within minutes a paramedic arrived and began to assess my injuries. I was then removed to Connolly Memorial Hospital were I spent the night. The doctors examined me and told me that my hip has been compressed into my pelvis and I suffered soft tissue damage and bruising. They also informed me that I will have a long road ahead with physiotherapy. I would like to thank the paramedics and in particular the management and staff of the Trim Castle Hotel for their professionalism and kindness on the night.”

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111 thoughts on “Mobbled

  1. Jonotti

    Her account sounds like bull. Reminds me of Mr.Burns testimony in the Simpsons, every single detail reflects her in the best possible light.

    We’ve all seen videos of these protestors, water and evictions, and there behavior is rarely peaceful.

    1. newsjustin

      She left out the bit about how the protestors were knitting jumpers for penguins while waiting the TDs meeting to finish and how she gave up her bed in A&E to a 129 year old man.

    2. Manta Rae

      Sounds a reasonable account. On the other hand, yer man was gibbering and incoherent on the radio yesterday morning, Must have been a late night for him and the lads…

    3. Selfie Sensation

      Starts off composed and rapidly descends into “he was drunk so he was and my hip is destroyed so it is.T ranting.

    4. Mani

      I must look back to see who did best in that debate with Bodger (that you requested).
      Nope. You’re still a weaselly tit rifle.

      1. Jonotti

        You clearly didn’t read my post. I asked him to pick argue against the points raised. I never asked for a debate. You lose.

      2. Jonotti

        Care to actually debate any of the points bodger rather than your usual cowardly sneer of “there you go” or “yikes”?.

        Your reading comprehension sucks. As does bodgers.

        1. squiggleyjoop

          Has to be a rifle made from tits. Think about it; you don’t call a regular gun a bullet gun do you? But you would describe a gun made from chocolate as a chocolate gun. But hang one….guns that shoot pellets are described as pellet guns…to the lab it is.

    5. John Brady

      Excuse me, what is your definition of a peaceful protest. A peaceful protest is where no one is injured. They are allowed roar and shout and get annoyed. You have not been to any protests by the sounds of it. Stay under your rock mate. I work 5 days I can afford to pay but I am not because I have principles. If you had any principles you would get up off of your Arse too !!. This is about our people being robbed and us standing up and saying ” Go Fupp Yourself ” I don’t care if I offend these people ex school teachers and top of the class student on the debate panel in college with no skill sets other than talking shite. I want real people in Government that are capable of the job to negotiate our debt and reduce it. This crowd FG labour did not do that because they are wimps and their wages would be lowered. So the “I’m alright Jack” attitude does not cut it. Do a bit of reading and get some life experience by going to protests to see what’s going on rather than looking at it on your screen. Yes there are shit heads at the water protests but people are extremely annoyed. These taxes are an insult to our intelligence. The revenue made is to be no benefit to us !!!!!!!!

  2. Jimmee

    “I attended a silent candlelit vigil at the home of Mr Butler which was organised by the Meath branch of the National Land League of Ireland…”


  3. squiggleyjoop

    Her testimony where she claims somebody hit her with their car reminds you of Mr. Burn’s testimony where he says he didn’t hit somebody with his car? Now you’re just trying to confuse us.

    1. Jonotti

      No, the style of the testimony. Moreso than bart’s despite his side being more appropriate. Still confused?

        1. squiggleyjoop

          Ray Butler stars in “The TD that Ran Over Everybody”

          “Did he run over Fiona Lloyd too?”

          “He ran over everybody stupid!”

          1. CaptainFantastic

            And other such titles as:

            “Fionas Adventure through the Windshield Glass”

            “Designated Drivers: The Lifesaving Nerds”

            “Whoa! Don’t Touch Me There!”

  4. Paolo

    I am restricted in the amount of detail I can make in this statement as I don’t want to incriminate myself any further


    1. SB

      Why do people always say this? In what way can she possibly be restricted? There’s nothing ‘sub judice’

  5. The Landed Gentry

    These “up to 50,000 in 2015 alone” families – are they all tenants down on their luck? Or are they people behind on their mortgages?

    Imagine how affordable housing would be in Ireland if these 50,000 families were evicted, and upstanding, paying members of society could move in?

  6. Soundings

    “my hip has been compressed into my pelvis and I suffered soft tissue damage and bruising.”

    Do you get those injuries from a stationary car (which had just moved a “couple of feet” previously according to the TD) and kept in hospital overnight? Who knows who’s telling the truth, has anyone seen a video, but I am skeptical of the TDs claim he moved the car a couple of feet and it was stationary when this woman came into contact with the car (the contact doesn’t seem to be in dispute, just whether the car hit her or she hit a stationary car). I’m with the protester on this one, at the moment.

    Also, do you drive off even though you have two male associates in your company, and you’re confronted by “seven or eight protesters” who appear to be women and children. And even on the TD’s account, the woman claimed to be injured. That seems highly irresponsible to me.

    1. scottser

      well, he admits there was contact but didn’t get out to investigate, or check if the woman needed assistance. then drives off leaving the scene of an accident. whatever about his intentions, he should have stayed at the scene – i can’t help but think he might have had a few taken, which seems to be verified by more than fiona loyd.

      1. jonotti

        Verified as in complete speculation from his antagonisers? You only have a duty to remain at the scene if an actual accident has occurred. Somebody pulling a Ronaldo doesn’t count.

        1. scottser

          an accident did occur. she required hospitalisation. he left the scene.
          anyway, shouldn’t you be pleasuring yourself.

    2. Seriously sam

      Yeah, I have no idea what happened but the idea that she jumped on a car and compressed her whatsit into her whosit…and was still standing when yer man drove off? Unlikely. And as for yer man saying his fellow FG upstanding citizen told him he should drive off because it was a bit intimidating? One 15 yr old girl and one older one? To hear that I guess he had the window open on his locked car?
      She may not be innocent but he is in my opinion talking shite.

  7. Ture Kilcockian

    So Butler’s actions led to a woman being kept in hospital overnight after he left the scene of an accident.

  8. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    get up the yard with the partisan crap; these numpties are a fringe group dedicated to stopping repossessions no matter how deserved. Just like Jerry Beades group

    the ringleader Dr Markey has a history – e..g defending Brendan and Asta Kelly

  9. Vote Rep #1

    Where is this video that we were told about yesterday? This would clear everything up straight away.

    1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

      curious given that these clowns can’t drop a deuce without putting it on YouTube

    2. CaptainFantastic

      Nail on the head there.

      The video obviously shows nothing, or shows something that doesn’t suit the protesters?

      I’m sure the 1080p HD 60fps iPhone 6 clip was erased by one of them?

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      It would.

      Meanwhile…that Ann Summers party sounded mad altogether! Surely someone here were there?

  10. Mr. T.

    All the Young Fine Gaelers in like a shot to defend a man who left the scene of an accident. If that happened to my wife, I would have run him off the road and beat the living sh*t out of him.

    1. CaptainFantastic

      Don’t particularly like any politician or party myself, but its clear to see that both sides of this story are dodgey.

      The only difference is she’s mouthing off about it and thats what this broadsheet post is about?

    2. Dubloony

      Even if his car moved two feet, and that she jumped on the car, he left the scene of an accident. That is a problem.
      Picketing peoples houses is ridiculous.

      In order for a repossession to happen in this country, its something like 3-5 year long process. Judges frequently tell people to go away and talk for 6 months.
      The only time there is swift repossession is if you don’t turn up to court.
      So maybe spend time either facing up to the reality of moving out or deal with the bank to come with some arrangement with the bank is a more productive use of time.

      1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

        so if some scumbag jumps on your car you’ve an obligation to hang around?

        What if someone hurts his toes kicking you in the shins?

        I think you need to get your facts straight

    1. The Landed Gentry

      Anti Eviction Taskforce

      The Mortgage Payment Shirker’s Committee

      Because of thicks like this, houses are massively overpriced. They need to be turfed out!

      Yours, etc,

      The Landed Gentry

  11. Clampers Outside!

    That TD is fupped.

    He’s a fool if he thinks he can drive off after, by his own admission, possibly hit the woman. And even if she did jump in front of the car, he’d be an even bigger fool to drive off.

    Career as a politician over, I hope, …just for the driving off bit. Only scumbags and dodgy fupps drive away from accidents/ possible accidents, knowingly.

    1. Paolo

      But it wasn’t an accident according to him. She jumped on the back of his car (according to him). Nobody is required to hang around in that situation.

      1. Soundings

        But he claims she said “he hit me”.He claims there was contact between protester and the car, he was in the car at the time, according to him, he had just moved the car two feet. Seems irresponsible to leave in those circumstances.

        I agree with Clampers, he’s fupped. I imagine he got the call from home to say there were protesters outside having the temerity to invade his family space, lost his rag and drove off not giving a toss about the beastly protesters who had intimidated his family and scarred his camogie star daughter for life, Irresponsible of him to drive off.

        1. Paolo

          Somebody hit my car with a trolley once when it was parked in the supermarket car park. Are you suggesting that I should have stayed until the Gardai arrived?

    1. Zuppy International

      Civil disobedience becomes civil disruption. The state only has itself to blame. In some ways I think it wants the confrontation. It can get itself out of this jam at any time : release the protestors and abolish the scam of Irish Water.

      1. jonotti

        That doesn’t sound very democratic. Using force to dictate national policy seems a bit fascist to me.

        1. Zuppy International

          “Using force to dictate national policy seems a bit fascist to me.”

          Tell that to Edna and his corporate enforcers.

          1. CaptainFantastic

            “It’s understood that another group of protesters based themselves at a different exit – forcing Ms O’Sullivan to remain in her car.”

  12. Manta Rae

    Quite apt there’s a sex toy link to this tale, given that FG are screwing the country…I’ll see myself out…

  13. DazzaMazza

    Listen if there was a bruise or a cast of any sign of injury she’d be on the front pages wrapped up like a mummy. This is total nonsense.

    1. Soundings

      More likely to see the

      Nous sommes les traumatised Butlers

      Won’t do them much good, Del is unlikely to retain his seat next year.

  14. Trueblueterry

    At this early juncture it is important to state that I am restricted in the amount of detail I can make in this statement as I may be progressing these matters legally in the near future, however this does not restrict me from responding to inaccurate media reports

    I think the use of may there speaks to the credibility of this woman, surely if she was actually hit there would be no uncertainty as to whether she would bring an action against this man; particularly given her clear disdain for the man.

  15. Truth in the News

    How much preperation and media advice was given to this
    TD before he was interviewed at the last 15 minute segment
    of Morning Ireland, in retropect it was strange type of interview
    indeed one might ask why the urgency to go on air, did something
    untoward happen and did we get the full facts, in other words did
    RTE elicit them….or did they just highlight just one side….indeed
    if it ends up in litigation was it wise bring on this TD at all.

  16. barbara keane

    Regardless of what really happened Ray Butler drove away from the scene of an accident, this is against the law !!! Also my understanding is that at any car accident, both parties now have to breathalysed ???? Regardless of whether Ray Butler hit her or she jumped on his car, he should not have left the scene of the accident, IF he was feeling intimidated he could have waited in his car for the Guards as the Garda station was just down the road. Or better still maybe he should have walked the short distance home & therefore there would have been no accident !!!

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