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Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.01.54Today’s irish Daily Ray Butler TD (top) and Fiona Lloyd


You may recall the claims made by Fiona Lloyd that Fine Gael TD Ray Butler hit her with his car outside his constituency office in Trim, Co Meath, and Mr Butler’s denial of same.

Today’s Irish Daily Mail reveals details of a 10-year-old ‘intimate’ toy gathering ‘fracas’ involving Ms Lloyd while columnist Matt Cooper warns of the ‘mob’ and Leo lambasts ‘lefties’.


Ms Lloyd released the following statement late last night:

“In response to the incident outside the constituency office of Ray Butler TD in Trim, Co. Meath on Tuesday 23rd of February 2015. At this early juncture it is important to state that I am restricted in the amount of detail I can make in this statement as I may be progressing these matters legally in the near future, however this does not restrict me from responding to inaccurate media reports.”

“A number of inaccuracies were reported in a statement by Mr Ray Butler on Morning Ireland and on local radio stations. These inaccuracies were repeated in national newspapers. I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.”

“I attended a silent candlelit vigil at the home of Mr Butler which was organised by the Meath branch of the National Land League of Ireland to highlight the fact that he signed the Land and Conveyancing Reform Bill which has given the banks a green light to evict families from their homes, up to 50,000 in 2015 alone.”

“The vigil lasted approximately 20 to 25 minutes. I want to be very clear that there was no violence or intimidation perpetrated by any of the protesters either at Mr Butler’s home or office. There was no one wearing hoods or had faces covered, as reported in the media. Mr Butler’s brother-in-law informed us he was at a meeting in his constituency office, we then went to his office where a meeting was in fact taking place. I rang the buzzer of his office asking to speak to Mr Butler as I know him personally, as we are both from Kells.”

“I wanted to ask Mr Butler to his face why he voted to allow the banks evict families from their homes. I, myself and my family faced eviction last month so we know what it’s like to be terrorised in our home waiting for the sheriff to evict us. At this stage two men came down from the office and answered the door, they informed me that Mr Butler would not come down to talk to me. I must state at this stage that the other women present detected a strong smell of alcohol from these two men and one of these men was very abusive and aggressive to the women present.”

“They then locked the door, most of the other people present returned to an adjoining hotel for coffee. I waited for another couple of minutes with the 15-year-old daughter of my friend. As we were just about to leave I noticed Mr Butler coming out of his office and, as I know him from childhood, I approached him to ask the question I had waited for all night. He refused to talk to me and told me to make an appointment if I wishes to speak to him.”

“I told him I was blue in the [face] trying to contact him over the years. He then got into his car and locked the door.  At this stage the aggressive man who clearly seemed to be under the influence of alcohol came right up into my face, I felt very intimidated at this stage. He grabbed my wrists and pushed me forward into the path of Mr Butler’s car as he reversed out of a parking spot, at this time I was hit by the car and I was knocked backwards.”

“I grabbed hold of my friend’s daughter Molly to save myself from falling over, the man then grabbed Molly by both shoulders and shook her violently. Molly cried out to this man to release her saying, ‘stop stop stop leave me alone I’m only 15 ‘.”

“Mr Butler then drove away passing an oncoming Garda car. An ambulance was called by the guards, within minutes a paramedic arrived and began to assess my injuries. I was then removed to Connolly Memorial Hospital were I spent the night. The doctors examined me and told me that my hip has been compressed into my pelvis and I suffered soft tissue damage and bruising. They also informed me that I will have a long road ahead with physiotherapy. I would like to thank the paramedics and in particular the management and staff of the Trim Castle Hotel for their professionalism and kindness on the night.”

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Cllr-Ray-Butler1 Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 00.57.08Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 00.46.43


Allegations of a hit-and-run against Fine Gael TD Ray Butler, top, in Finnegan’s Way in Trim, Co. Meath were shared across Facebook and Twitter last night, above, prompting RTE reporter Mícheál Lehane to tweet…

This morning, Mr Butler denied the allegations made online.

He told Newstalk Breakfast that around 20 to 30 protesters went to his home last night while he was in his constituency office. He said his wife, his wife’s brother, Andrew, and two of his daughters, aged 9 and 11, were at home at the time before another daughter returned home. He said the protesters eventually moved to his constituency office at around 9.15pm or 9.30pm.

Ray Butler: ‘They came down to my constituency office, there was only 8 of them, 7 or 8 of them arrived at my constituency office. And the same woman that had rang my doorbell, I could see her on CCTV. She was ringing the doorbell of the constituency office and wouldn’t let her finger off it. So basically the [branch] meeting was over at this stage and John Tobin and councillor Noel French went down to her, to talk to her, to say, ‘well, listen, he’ll talk to you, give the office a ring and he’ll meet up with you any time’ and all that. So..”

Chris Donoghue: “So you decided you weren’t going to go out to the 7 or 8 people?”

Butler: “I was, I was, I wasn’t, we were going to leave the office. So as I went down, I went down with a group and I went down to close the door, Chris, and I was locking the door and this lady came up and she said to me, ‘oh Ray, you know me, you know me, you know me, I’m from Kells.’ Now I am originally from Kells. I haven’t lived in Kells for the last 28 years and ‘you know me, you know me’ and I said, ‘listen, there’s no problem’ and she said, ‘I rang, I rang to book an appointment and all of that’ and I said, ‘well listen, you can ring me any time to meet me for anything, anything.”

Donoghue: “OK,  Ray, I want to actually talk about the allegation that’s made against you. That you got into your car..”

Butler: “Yes, I’m coming to that Chris…”

Donoghue: “And you reversed..”

Butler: “I’m getting to that Chris, so I locked the door anyway Chris and I said, I’m going up to my wife and kids and all of that so I  went over, I walked across the road over to the stockhouse and my son, Noel French and John Tobin came with me. So this lady followed me with her friends. I got into the car, I locked the car, I moved the car two feet, to straighten it, to move out. This lady, the car was stationed. John Tobin was there and Noel French. I could see her in the rearview mirror. She jumped on the back of the car, jumped on the back of the car and a thud and I looked at her, seen her and John Tobin said, ‘she’s after jumping on the back of the car, Ray.'”

Donoghue: “Are you 100% that  you didn’t, however gently, hit her as opposed to jumping..”

Butler: “Absolutely, the car was in the one place, Chris. The car was in the one place and John said, ‘Ray you better move off’ because it was so intimidating.”

Donoghue: “Was she on the ground though when you moved off?”

Butler: “No, she was never on the ground. She was standing because John Tobin was right beside her and if I did hit her, I would have also hit John Tobin because he was right beside her. So that is total…”

Donoghue: “So you went home basically?”

Butler: “I went home…”

Later, Mr Butler said he had ‘absolutely no drink’ yesterday.

Listen back in full here


A picture essay from Maudlin Vale estate, Trim, Co Meath, with resident Derak O’Boyle.

The houses were constructed by Baltra Developments Ltd, a firm owned by Kildare-based builder Gerry Skelly. According to The Meath Chronicle, permission had been granted for 110 houses but only around 45 were built by the time the recession hit leaving the remainder of the site abandoned with “exposed ESB cables,10-feet deep holes in the ground, 30-foot high topsoil mounds, protruding manholes, open drains, derelict prefabs, builders’ rubbish, rusted wire fences and even rats”.

Some of the houses, which were averaging prices of around €300,000 at the height of the boom, are now worth just over €100,000.

Meath County Council have sent letters to the developers but nothing has been done in the four years Derek has lived here,

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)