9 thoughts on “Jacks Smackdown

  1. 评论员

    Relieving your body of unneeded product brings conjures the subconscious the Darby O’Gill sage within all of us all, just be thankful ladies you don’t spend 15 mins in front of a mirror with a Gillette in you hand every other day, the mind wanders & its a mine field out there.

  2. RidersOnThe Storm

    We further vandalise this wall within hours
    in attempt to impress some smart-arsed nugget
    on us people who don’t give a shit

  3. Mr. P.

    Shame both were written by the same hand…Makes it all a bit contrived for the sake of a smug facebook post.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Completely different hand. Look at the ‘d’. The ‘w’. The slant of the apostrophes. The shape of the ‘o’.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Behind the chalk board, down by the pee-heee
    Gonna spank it with my baby is where I’ll be ….solely

    (Behind the chalk board) ownin’ the fun
    (Behind the chalk board) we’ll be havin’ solo fun
    (Behind the chalk board) people walking outside my door
    (Behind the chalk board) we’ll be chalkin’ up the love
    Behind the chalk board (chalk board!)

    By Armitage Wank

  5. munkifisht

    Pot kettle really considering I saw this on the front page of a very popular site that sounds like “read it” but spelt slightly differently that get’s your posts flagged by BS if you mention it.

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