Anything Good On Storyful?



Rebekah Brooks


The Financial Times reports:

“Rebekah Brooks, the former tabloid editor who was cleared of all charges in Britain’s phone hacking scandal, is returning to News Corp to run Storyful, the company’s social media news agency.”

“The return of one of Rupert Murdoch’s closest allies — and a former chief executive of News Corp’s UK subsidiary — has been the subject of much speculation since her acquittal last summer. A recent visit to News Corp’s New York offices sparked talk that she would take a senior role with the company in the US.”

“However, two people familiar with the situation told the Financial Times that Ms Brooks would continue to be based in the UK but would spend time in Dublin at Storyful’s headquarters.”

Rebekah Brooks set for social media return to Murdoch empire (Matthew Garrahan, Financial Times)

Pic: The Drum

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31 thoughts on “Anything Good On Storyful?

    1. Soundings

      The British courts didn’t think so, they acquitted her, though some, like Private Eye seem convinced in the tone of their reporting that she’s as guilty as sin of senior involvement in the phone hacking business that affected the tabloid British press in the 1990s and 2000s.

      She’s an outstanding businesswoman, a workaholic and showed great flair at the Sun. Let’s hope she puts in the same commitment to Storyful. Murdoch is already in Ireland, the Sunday Times fights it out with the Sunday Business Post for best Sunday, and the Times is launching a daily news service from April. Least said about the Irish Sun the better, but thank goodness we have Sky.

      And be careful what you say about her, if she can slap Grant Mitchell round the gaff, she’ll take you on any day!

      1. Omar Sarhan

        She may be a smart business woman and also acquitted in court, but I think she is morally corrupt and sums up all that is wrong with tabloid media.
        I’d prefer to have someone whose character hasn’t being called into question as much as hers.

          1. Soundings

            Grant/Ross described a single incident as “fuss about nothing” and she described it as “silly row which got out of hand” – seems prissy in the extreme to equate this single incident with no suggestion of a pattern or recurrence, with domestic violence, capitalised or not.

      2. Don Pidgeoni

        Acquitted doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t guilty. There have been a few interesting tidbits from the latest hacking trials that where not include in hers which might have changed things.

      3. Formerly known as

        The British courts weren’t judging her toxicity. The requirement to prove her guilt, beyond all reasonable doubt, meant she walked.

        Working for the most powerful media baron in the World, might help sway the establishment towards the correct outcome.

        Old Rupert probably has stacks of stuff he could use, to bring down successive British Governments.

        “but thank goodness we have Sky.”
        – The sooner Murdoch and his evil empire fail, the better.

      1. ahyeah

        Not so much that they gave it but the reason they were giving it – favours for mates etc. Expect more from a supposedly independent, impartial media organisation.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          I don’t see it like that.

          I see a start-up from an ex-RTE employee, one with the opportunity to return to RTE, doing well, and then RTE reporting on that start-up which quickly achieved international reputation within the sector it was operating in.
          In fact, RTE’s connection with Mr Little probably gave them first dibs on any news…..

          Nothing conspiratorial in that, imo.

          1. ahyeah

            Perhaps. But you could apply tha5 very same reasoning to the never ending procession of RTE “celebs” that appear on the Late Late Show etc promoting themselves/RTE/some other sh1te. Doesn’t make it any less palatable.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Not prosecuted because of… plausible deniability, that’s what I choose to believe.

    “While convicted phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire was being paid under her editorship, the defence said, it was not the editor’s job to micro-manage the budget. She gave departments spending limits and if they stuck to them it was not Brooks’ role to inquire further.”
    From –

  2. Buzz

    Ugh, Mark Little should have chosen his buyer more carefully. Storyful staff will now be forced to slum it and engage with the vile Brooks – or leave.

    1. Soundings

      Or see how a real pro operates, learn, and go on to have a flourishing career. I think this is a real boon for Ireland, and for Storyful, which as much as I’d begrudge Mark Little walking away with millions, is a rare and real Irish media success.

      1. Buzz

        You regard Brooks as a ‘real pro’? God love you. Her biggest talent was her ability to pucker up and kiss Murdoch’s ass. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

      2. Kieran NYC

        Bit weird to have such a fan-boy gra for the queen of tabloid trash, but there ya go.

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