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‘User-generated content’ and the Irish media.

A short documentary.

Derek Bowler, of Storyful, writes:

RTÉ TV3, 3E, INM, 98FM, Benchwarmers.ie, FYI and many other media organisations and outlets have used User Generated Content in broadcasts, online and across their social media platforms without permissions from the content owners, and without attribution or courtesy to them.

There have also been repeated instances of misattribution and the re-use of unauthorised copies of the original content.

The aim of this piece is highlight the unethical practices of Irish media organisations and how they are knowingly operating outside of both Irish and international copyright law…


Derek Bowler


This morning

The interior of Mark Little-founded, Murdoch-purchased news gathering whatsit Storyful’s new offices/European HQ/Death Star on Lower Baggot Street, Dublin..



Wooden ‘cubby hole’ shelving.

A facsimile machine.

What the fupping fupp are we doing wrong for pity’s sake?

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Pics: Áine Kerr


Storyful’s Irish Election Open Database.

The results of a NINE-hour ‘codeathon’ with journalism students from Dublin City University (DCU).

Donie writes:

Storyful has built an Irish Election Open Database to help citizens, news organisations, universities and others easily access and analyse information about candidates running in the 2016 general election…

Irish Election Database (Storyful)


Storyful founder Mark Little



And stuff.

“…So why would anyone of right mind step away from this kind of turbo-charged business? It’s hard to explain to those who haven’t lived the startup life. There comes a time when your continuing benefit to your company is outweighed by the personal cost of not moving on to the next challenge.

Perhaps the parents out there will understand a secondary reality. I’ve reached that sad but glad understanding that my precious little baby is all growed up and doesn’t need me anymore.

I’m leaving Storyful with no absolute certainty about what I’m doing next. But that’s a pretty wonderful feeling. Back in 2010, there was only one opportunity that excited me. Today, in a golden age of storytelling, the options are endless. I’m more passionate than ever about social journalism, media innovation and the challenges and opportunities that emerge from a revolutionary age.

I’m exhilarated by what might come next. But as I look back, I am also profoundly grateful today to all the idealists who made Storyful a reality.”

Mark Little, announcing his resignation from Storyful, the news gathering agency he founded and sold to News Corp for an amount described as ‘large’.

Mark Little on leaving Storyful, stronger than ever (Storyful)


Rebekah Brooks


The Financial Times reports:

“Rebekah Brooks, the former tabloid editor who was cleared of all charges in Britain’s phone hacking scandal, is returning to News Corp to run Storyful, the company’s social media news agency.”

“The return of one of Rupert Murdoch’s closest allies — and a former chief executive of News Corp’s UK subsidiary — has been the subject of much speculation since her acquittal last summer. A recent visit to News Corp’s New York offices sparked talk that she would take a senior role with the company in the US.”

“However, two people familiar with the situation told the Financial Times that Ms Brooks would continue to be based in the UK but would spend time in Dublin at Storyful’s headquarters.”

Rebekah Brooks set for social media return to Murdoch empire (Matthew Garrahan, Financial Times)

Pic: The Drum


“Storyful, the first social news agency, announced today the creation of 30 new jobs at its Dublin headquarters. News Corp, a global, diversified media and information services company, acquired Storyful in December 2013 with a commitment to retain and grow Storyful’s Dublin headquarters.”

“This investment is supported by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, through IDA Ireland. Storyful has previously been supported in its growth by Enterprise Ireland.”

Rupert must be running out of money.

Good times.

Storyful To Expand with R&D Centre Creating 30 Jobs (IDA)

Storyful jobs