17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The N7

  1. 评论员

    Was of sick at Templemore on the day the muinteoir uttered the sentence ”just cause your in a Garda Vayhichill” does not make you the Michael Schumacher & we all know what happened to him”…”where the f is my scalding mug of water?”

        1. pissedasanewt

          It is if you weren’t paying attention to the road.. not rubber necking to everything going on around it, because the road is so boring. Nothing ever happens.

        2. Wayne.F

          Yes it is against the law to operate a mobile device while driving and use of a camera while driving and turning the vehicle could very easily be interpreted as reckless driving

  2. Bonkers

    Someone needs to tweet that pic to the Gardai and ask if it was a male or female driver

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